the good behaviour dress

eeks why hasn’t it come >;( haha.
anyway so yesterday had breakfast with bahnny at novena macs :) yum yum. wanted starbucks at first but then decided on macs. macs cinnamelts is truly awesome hehe. and so is everything else so early in the morning. YAWNS. then went to dance all the way till around 1. and then had lunch with meanie and lynette hehe. and then MR meeting which went quite well. i hope i dont screw up any projects this sem!
after that went over to bahnny’s house and basically i did nothing the whole day except watch alot of satc and laze around hehe. but i need to start studying for CB test nownownow cos its on tuesday haha. and i need to start doing all my projects!’
anyway happy birthday to my brother. dinner was nice :)
some things in life really happen in a strange way. like this person from smu (whom i dont know at all) added me on fb and i usually dont accept such requests but seeing that we had quite a number of friends in common i accepted (like a week ago). and just yesterday he talked to me and said he saw me at the mrt station today (yesterday) and he told me this old man was like sitting so close to me and kept staring at me. and he practically slid across the chair to get right next to me and kept looking at me. haha uh the thing is, HOW COME I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW THAT?! and how come HE knew that! and i needed a random smu person (whom i didn’t even notice was at the mrt station with me in the first place!) to tell me that! life really unfolds in a strange way. anw, that was abit freaky to hear. haha.
:) to the good behaviour dress.

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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  2. izma says:

    I like this picture so much. Is it yours?

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