cause you keep giving me, keep giving me butterflies

i keep blogging at weird hours like these its screwing up my days haha. so as i am blogging, i am still in 28th october even though technically its 29th. oooooh.
since im so bored now and waiting for bahn to be done, i shall take my time to write. and not bother to make my thoughts flow since i’m so sick of writing things properly. i’ve been writing the whole day. iea report, mr report. what next.
sent my two dresses to the tailor today! (: i hope it turns out nice and fine. not too long and not too short. dance yesterday was quite fun too. after dance had awesome QMT with meanie. on the way we met a strange honking car man who stopped by to mumble some rubbish and drive away heehee. we went to ion to look for her present for ben. but i ended up buying a present for bahnny bahn bahn instead. so silly right. it was some shirt with retarded dogs that cost 36 bucks D: heh. love you meanie (: (: and then had tuition and cabbed over to pit’s house once tuition was over to rescue the iea project (:
on a more random note, i hope what happened last night never happens again :( haha it gave me a little scare. 27 times yknow! wheee.
spent the whole morning doing iea slides. am so proud of my zong guo slides with the big red flag. iea meeting then homeeee. thanks for the destressing bag :) and gbd! now everything’s named. i wanna sleep now zzzz faster finish your work please!
you know, i was just wondering that day, since when have i started becoming so lazy to make friends with people? haha. and when did we all start becoming so cautious of strangers? maybe its paranoia. but maybe also because as we grow older, we just realised that the world out there isnt so good after all :)
on possibly the brightest note ever :D, NO BIDDING WOES THIS TIME ROUND! because thank God for koreaaaa! yay!

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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