move, bitch.


flip cup, tip cup, beer pong shots. niggas on the goose, bitches on my jock, bartender, gimme whatcha got, they’re dancing on the table, i got niggas smoking rocks. move bitch, get out the way. i’m running over niggas like a runaway train. i grab my beer, you do the same, shake that shit and make it rain.
vetting was, well, not very sweet. though i think my items did well. but i basically have a screwed up sense of, something. i dont know what. which is why i always end up forgetting my moves though i know them perfectly well in my head.
that is so useless.
and omgosh i keep sneezing. please do not fall sick. maybe its the lack of sleep.

About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to move, bitch.

  1. POT says:

    NOOOOOOO. why are emix songs so horrid? haha.

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