today was just one of those quite perfect days where although you feel really busy, you still feel incredibly free :) and blessed.

it was probably built on the fact that last night was my last tuition :) LIBERATING. hahaha. and if anything, tuition only starts again in jan next year. so yes, i am freeee. and then bahn stayed over last night. we didn’t do any work at all even though i was supposed to submit my hcm report by midnight :) well technically it was due on monday but ahha. anyway, we just talked. but basically because yesterday was quite a sad day. stuff happened (not to me though) that made me once again realise just how fragile life is. :( oh well. the kind of news we get in life nowadays is just getting more and more dramatic. so yes, we talked long until about 2am and then we slept even though i wasn’t sleepy :)
the best thing about today: having lunch cooked for me YAY! and although the only thing i could do this morning until about 2.30pm was edit my hcm report, i was still happyyyy :) because i had my bubble tea and lunch. my new favourite bubble tea is the yogurt range because just on monday i discovered that it tastes like a big cup of yakult :D wheeee. its so much better than milk tea hahaha. and yes there was lunch cooked fer me! i told bahn about the mac and cheese thing and we got macaroni and the cheese  sauce and basically we just tried to make the same thing. with ham and mushrooms haha. turned out quite well but obviously he did everything cos i didnt even step into the kitchen once. was too busy doing hcm :( hahaha.

but anyway i finally sent it over to my group at 2.30pm and guess what, (i can’t believe i’m doing this, or even saying this, in the middle of week 12) we started watching a new drama ^^ personal taste. yeah, we finished satc already so sad :( anyway, i’ve given up convincing myself that it’s a bad time to get started on a drama. heehoooo. and to think we watched 2 episodes today omg. that’s like 2 hours. plus. but that shall be my secret (:
and then went to school for meeting at 7.30pm for a half an hour meeting while he was at muay thai. poooey. i feel like i’ve always been going to school very early like 8.30am or 12pm or something, so 7.30pm was definitely a bonussss. best of course if i could have stayed out of school the whole day. hahaha. but then i came home and masked my face :D so i was happy again.

my hws is too short >;((((( eee yikes.

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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