ring my bells

i am so annoyed with irresponsible group mates >:( like on friday morning’s meeting, this girl came at 11.30 when our project meeting was supposed to be 9.30 and we had already ended. and she didnt reply our messages or pick up or calls. but anyway after meeting we went to cityhall to buy peizhi’s birthday present (: we meaning jack yikka pit bahn and me. yay we spent a long time trying to decide on a wallet for her. and i saw a pretty jane shilton! wheee. had lunch with them at shokudo and we wasted lots of time doing don’t know what also. we ended off with red mango for dessert (: yummyyyy. then home to do MR report. MR’s a bitch :( hahah.
had dental on saturday morning and i was like half an hour late. haha so annoying. the lift lobbies are so confusing but now i remember my lift’s next to jimmy choo :D haha. met chiawsang and his girlfriend and loke for brunch. it was more of like a sharing session but we ate din tai fung :) and cs was nice cos he treated us. but anyway it was quite nice talking and all. abit funny the combi but yeah. then was dance. ryan did his opening which is really kinda too fast and i think i cannot learn finish. or rather master it cos im going for holiday in dec boooo :( ticket sales are starting soon YAY. part of me wants people to come and see but the other part hopes that less people will come so that i wont be so scared and self conscious. hahaha. dance ended early and so we went back to bahn’s house and watched alot of personal taste :) wheeee my priorities are always somehow wrong. then had dinner his mommy cooked tom yum and then it was raining so we continued watching more personal taste. i really suck right. should never have started this drama.
and today day day was the atas day (: after church we went to 313 for lunch and i was craving alot of things so after lunch we had cold rock (or was it rocky road) ice cream. and then we walked to paragon to look at coach and all the other nice shops. and then i had my toffee nut latte at starbucks. my favourite thing about christmas is this starbucks drink :D wheee. okay not really lah. then we went to all the department stores to look for jane shilton but everywhere dont have :( so we went to dfs and its shockingly atas. even nicer than paragon but everything there is soo nice and classy and well, expensive :( haha i realised alot of brands are very nice ah. not only stupid coach. but yeah, like bahn said, materialism is quite bad :( hahaha.
and so now im back and he’s jogging and im waiting. im supposed to be doing MR! :( boo. i hate rainy days but then when it rains and then he cannot jog or play soccer i’m secretly happy :D so naughty right.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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