i hate study break week. must study study study study study if not will feel guilty for not studying. and then again, there isn’t even enough time to study everything finish. therefore, BOO.
saturday was peizhi’s birthdayyyy! :) spent the morning er, studying. had jalan leban fish soup for lunch! and then went to thomson and got beanies and scarfs for winter! and saw HER HER HER eeee. actually i didn’t really see. so disturbing. anyway went to do my eyebrows before peizhi’s birthday and the lady was damn horrible. she accidentally scratched my eyelid and there was abit of blood haha. so anyway the birthday was fun and we were all keeping ourselves entertained and high.
sunday was churchieeee. i wore my maxi dress! :) and then after church had KJ training and then went to bahn’s house and tried to study againnnn. boo. had a super awesome full dinner at marina mandarin hotel cos his parents were entertaining some guests from england.
the english couple is soooooo cute and funny! <3 hahaha. dinner was super entertaining and they are really damn cute. and they say stuff like ‘he’s going to be so cross with me!’ haha :)
TWINGGGG. i wanna eat alot alot alot alot of yummy food! :)



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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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