one, two and a few.

was very happy last night when i clicked delete delete delete and reduced the number of emails in my inbox from 417 to 128. i have deleted 289 emails :D SHIOK. and i am going to tear my hair out from IEA ): haha why does time pass so slowly. couldnt my exams have been wednesday and thursday then over! ): haha.
anyway i finally tried the koi milk tea with grass jelly and its very nice! :D whee. shall drink that more. i dont really like pearls to begin with anyway so i usually order pudding but grass jelly is just like, pudding in a different flavour so its yum!
OH and i am so eggcited because i am going to watch walking with dinosaurs at the indoor stadium with bahnny on 2nd dec (: WHEEEEEE. and maybe we are going ice skating before that! and even more excited to meet up with friends (: i already have a harry potter date with foldy and then mean and i are going to ntu hostel to visit jaslyn! yay! and then bobo glory pacey and i may be going to the science center on glory’s birthday. plus all the other random meet ups. oh dear i hope that dance doesnt clash with all that if not ): wheee.
i forgot to say that HCM exam sucked ): oh well. bahnny’s having his last paper soon. like 8.30 so jealoussss. please dont jump around in glee haha.
wednesday was meanie’s birthday and we had early morning coffee bean breakfast! and then walk to singapore river where we had icecream and QMT (: talk talk talk yay. i gave her super cute hello kitty things haha.

haha omgosh i so so want the bottle and notebook leh.

and QMT YAY! (: anyway had an awesome time so i love you meanie! hehe. study hard for iea.
then finally had our long awaited duck rice lunch reunion with the girls. i think we are so cute cos its like our tradition now. duck every time they come back and every time before they leave. and so its like only twice a year. so symbolic right cos like the last time we ate it was probably right before gloria left or something. DUCK WAS NICE QUACK! (: and they are still the same never change! and to all our shock glory still reads 8days and watches singapore shows (like channel 8 and okto) :D very cute indeed! then we went over to pacey’s house but i could only stay awhile. no idea what they did after i left ):
whatever is happening to korea these days D: please please please do not break out into war i wanna go for my exchange! okay buai i need to focus and study. i have no idea what my iea notes are saying why am i so confused by myself! >:( this is very very annoying.

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