baby you’re the best i ever had

i have so many things to blog but i am so lazy! its like as if so many things happened since exams ended. hahaha but its only been ONE day. goodness. i realised i forgot to blog about lauren’s 3rd birthday haha. highlights were we got her this super cute pink lego set and i built her a house! and there was a very awesomely humongumous hello kitty balloon that i secretly wanna get too ♥ HEEHEE.

so day one of after exams. it was awesome minus the fact that bahnny was abit sick. woke up early and took my time to get ready. we were planning to have a nice breakfast and even though we were supposed to meet at 9.15 we only met at 9.50 hahaha. but then its okay cos i already knew he was going to be late so i was later :) we decided to take train to somerset and buy the movie tickets for easy A first. and so we were really the first ones to buy tickets for that show timing.

took train down to bugis to get our vouchers after that. it was really quite impulsive but the deal’s really good! like we spent $30 and got $50 worth of vouchers to spend at bugis street. haha. and i think we were both mad to buy cos we had $100 worth of vouchers for i dont know what also.

then we went to eat. from breakfast become lunch haha. we had the swensens 1 for 1 (: yay first one on my list to be striked out. it was yummyyy :) and then we went to bugis st to walk for awhile but didnt buy anything. actually it was only then that we realised that the vouchers had to be used up by today ): and at that time bahnny was already feeling sick. like cold and groggy and flu-ey.
easy A was not too bad. quite retarded though. and we sat next to meanie and ben. totally unplanned even though meanie did tell me she was going to watch same movie same time haha. and we both saw grace who was like one row in front of us only. so strange ah. and right after the movie i bumped into foldy! :)
anyway after that we decided to go to bugis again to shop off our $100 vouchers even though bahn really wanted to go home and sleep, which made shopping a torture. and for the first time in my life, i am going to say that shopping has been a PAIN. hahaha. we were deciding between going home and letting bahn sleep before our bizcom dinner or shopping but then we decided to shop because we didnt want to come back at night and we definitely didnt want to waste our money. and i was like in a dilemma cos i wanted so many things but yet all not that nice. and suddenly when you have $50 vouchers you feel like you have nothing to buy which made me feel like i was buying for the sake of buying so that i wouldnt waste my vouchers. and cos bahn wanted to go home so i was rushing and i just bought without thinking and its like, super impulsive. bahn bought a shirt and 2 socks and he didnt know what else to buy. i swear we searched the whole bugis but we really couldnt find anything to buy. and what made it even more painful was that everything in bugis is so freaking cheap which made it seem like even though we bought and bought we couldnt finish our vouchers. and also the fact that everything in bugis is the SAME. haha. oh my goodness. and after 1.5 hours, bahn had his shirt and 2 socks, i had 1 shirt and 1 shorts. and together we still had $45 dollars to spend -.- and so last resort bahn just asked me to buy another shirt and i did and we still had $25 left. retarded ttm. so i ended up buying shoes and we still had $5 left so he really bought some stupid thing. so in total (including yesterday), i have 3 shirts, 2 shorts and 1 pair of shoes from bugis. the bright side is the stuff i bought i really quite like and anyway i only spent $30 HAHAHA. awesome. but i really think the whole process was quite painful. its like we were walking around and around and i kept saying i dont know what to buy i have nothing to buy already and it was like so strange that all the dresses and tops didnt appeal to me.
so we did manage to go home and bahn managed to sleep for 40 mins. but anyhow we were still like nearly an hour late for the bizcom dinner (but as expected they hadnt started). we ate at riccioti. some pizza and pasta place. dinner was fun like i enjoyed talking to zihui and leanne heehee. and then we went over to clarke quay for ice cream before going to dblo for fling. apparently bahn felt better :D but we still left quite early like midnight. oh well i really see no point in clubbing. i mean whats the appeal. and i feel abit sad for those who like get really drunk especially the girls.
tomorrow gonna meet ma’am and then dance (omg i cannot remember steps D:) and then yay i dont know what. poor bahn get well soon! ♥

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