black black, black and blue

want new specs :)
slept at 3am last night and woke up at 8.30 i wonder why my body is so weird like no matter what i cannot wake up late. its kinda annoying yet good cause then i dont waste my day away sleeping. according to my mom i’ve always felt that sleeping was a waste of time since young. i guess i have to agree still haha :)
went to bahnny’s house in the morning and had the usual carrot cake and tau huay and we watched one epi of coffee prince! i’ve been there before :D and then met weiyann for lunch/brunch. we had ippudo ramen at mandarin gallery. we were planning to go wild honey at first but i really wanted ippudo so we went there :) anw the ramen there is really nice! haha and it was nice fun talking to her. like we can still talk lots even though we hardly meet up wheee. we went over 313 awhile after that. to like forever 21 and new look and when we felt like we had digested enough we went over to orchard central’s heavens loft and had b&js double brownie icecream thing omgosh sinful :D

anywayyy, dance was cancelled. kind of annoying cos i brought everything out clothes shoes and all. and it’s been moved to friday now boo. so i went over to bahnny’s house and he was sleeping and being a super big grouch hahaha >:) i dont know why also but i think cos he wanted to sleep and sleep and sleep. i wanted to go out but then in the end decided we wouldnt so the rest of the day was lazy day :) went to cut hair. it was only trimming dead ends and fringe only but very happy! and went to look at specs! tomorrow going to look again cos wanna make new ones. then bahn came over for dinner and we watched coffee prince while waiting for dinner.
visited my grandma after dinner and she looks so weak and miserable ): oh noo. went to eat tauhuay after and i was really sleepy while watching tv. oh yes, pit and i are planning to go to the standard chartered race and picnic at the finishing point if we can wake up haha. and very excited for tomorrow! :D it’s dinosaur day! and i told bahn that starting from tomorrow i’m going to celebrate his birthday every single day WHEEEEEE. i like (y).

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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