the next 3 days :D

i’m gonna be alone! (: so scary and eggciting ah gonna ask bahn to stayover or maybe i stayover at his house. my parents are both going to malacca and my brother’s off to church camp.
omgosh been sleeping super late these few days. and coming home late too. and waking up early :( boo. but the past few days have been so much fun! i’m pretty sure i’m gonna be lazy to blog sooner or later. so here we go :) i am going to type very fast.
today i finally had my nice breakfast. we wanted to go for b&j’s breakfast at dempsey hill but when we reached there we realised they didn’t have breakfast ?! haha so we walked around and ended up at jones the grocer. jones the grocer is awesome. with the nice christmas tree and dim lights and quiet ambience. and soothing tinkling christmas songs playing in the background. what with the early morning sun and birds chirping (okay that’s abit too perfect a picture right). hahaha anyway it made me feel like i was having breakfast in australia. food there was really aussie too. we had a huge rocky road (some chocolate with marshmallow thing) and an apple crumble. and lattes! (: the whole place was filled with angmohs. it was really strange and all. think no chinese people except us? and this guy even brought his dog there and the waitress gave him a bowl of water! super cute :) and that guy ordered bacon (c’mon it was damn ex) and he fed it to his dog. goodness. but anyway it was a happy lazy long bfast where you don’t even have to care how much time has passed. you just let time tick by. i lovveeeed it.

after that we went back to bahnny’s house and he settled his doggy while i lazed around. wheee. wanted to change my specs so we went to the shop near his place but i couldn’t find the frame that i liked anymore ): boohoo. anyway the woman said my specs is fine so no need to change only that the screw spring don’t know what thing is damaged and may give way. so how is that fine? >:( hahah.
took a train down to stadium mrt. and the station is so empty and quiet! :) reminded me of some train station in taiwan where we went to see the hot springs. or something. anyway kallang leisure park had lots of toys! so awesome right. we ate at koufu which wasn’t very nice. i wasn’t hungry to begin with so i really ate like 30% of my food only. after that we wanted to go ice skating but there was a queue and we didn’t think we’d have enough time so we decided to do other things. there was a winter clothes sale and bahnny bought some stuff. i was trying on boots ;D hahaha.

nice what! why he say not nice i think very cute! but abit ugly also. haha. i ended up buying thermal socks D: and oh the beanies are suuuuper cute!

after that we made our way to the indoor stadium. but we were still too early so ended up walking around the river and across the bridge and everywhere to take photos heehee. but we ended up perspiring alot cos it was so super hot so we gave up and just went into the aircon.
walking with dinosaurs was :DDD awesome. haha. the dinos are so huge and they look so real! there’s not much of a story cos i guess it’s really more factual/historical kind of thing. but it was nice overall and quite funny at some parts. bahn and i kept making stupid comments to each other throughout the whole thing. like we were discussing why dinosaurs became extinct and he had this stupid theory which i’m not gonna say here >:D
it was raining after the show and so yeah. i don’t like rain. anyway went back to his house and i had dinner there! we watched our coffee prince (which is getting nicer everyday) and slept for about half an hour before going out again near 9. we went to school to meet the kruesa II people. wheee. havent met them in ages and it was abit funny and all cos its school. actually we just used kruesa III’s camp as an excuse to go lah. anyhow there were 13 of us that went and yeah, interestiing stories to listen to and all. we are very retarded.
don’t know why wordpress don’t let me upload photos anymore boo. gonna sleep soon! buaaaiii.

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