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7 days. one week. everyday is absolutely packed, i have no idea where to start. am flying off to turkey tomorrow :D and will be missing so many dance pracs omg i dont really want to miss any actually i will forget and get rusty. throat hurts alot dear God please don’t let me fall sick i wanna enjoy myself :( and i shall start from

last friday

last friday was the start of my 3d2n hehhh. i remember having a super early bfast with my parents before they went off to msia. and then sent my brother off to his church camp. and had a second bfast and watched abit of drama before going off to dance. had eskimo and chicken rice with lynette sabina and miguel :) been having lots of eskimo after dance nowadays. fattie. we had dinner at this random market that we found at jalan bukit merah. actually it was kind of an intentional discovery. like bahn saw the market on the map and decided we should just go there. we discovered this awesome thai stall with super spicy tom yum soup and delicious fried rice and phad thai. so was very happy!! after that we drove to sentosa and entry was only $2 and parking like $1 so it was awesome and we decided to go into universal studios after hollywood hours. got in for freeeee :D the whole place was so pretty and charming haha and everything was just like new york (or at least i think that’s what they were trying to do). the weather was damn cooling cos it just finished raining and there were lots of pretty lights and christmas trees and decorations. anddddd, lots of happy christmas songs that i just kept singing to yay. i think i was super happy that night haha we bought some very thick strawberry smoothie and waited for the lake hollywood fireworks. needless to say the fireworks were stunning :) but they were abit too near, too loud and too bright so i was abiiiit scared haha. kept trying to run away. actually it was quite blinding. and then bahn bought me this super cute betty boop keychain which has now replaced stanford one. i want the ginger bread toy!! anw we left right after the fireworks at 10 and drove home and had a super fail prata supper. and then stayover :) wheee. dramamama and talk time.


woke up quite late (by my standards) and wasted alot of time in the morning dont know doing what. went to tanglin for lunch cos i was craving the paddy’s australian food thing. spent my time agonizing over whether to go for dance. decided to go in the end :( hahahah. dance was quite slack anyway. ryan did a surprise vetting which turned out horrible. scolded us all and yeah. had dinner at bahn’s house and then went to stayover at pit’s house. slept quite early cos i was sleeeeeepy :) that’s all i remember.


was bahn’s standard chartered 21km marathon thing. woke up at like 6am cos pit and i decided we wanted to picnic and wait for bahn to finish his run. anyway it was just fail. we reached at 730 i think and bought macs breakfast. sat at esplanade watched drama and by 930 bahn wasnt done and i had to leave for church D: hahahah but anyway i think it was fun cos they ran through USS!! think day time is much nicer esp to take photos. had yoshi lunch with bobo and glory at j8. and then off to sleep somemore. tired tired. we decided to go to queensway after that and i saw very pretty specs but bahn said ugly ): i bought his soccer boots for his birthday! he choose one and he loveees it. i wonder why. and then went back home and watched abit of drama before leaving again to go to his friend’s birthday party. party was weird overall and at some super duper old old old old old hdb. probably the oldest i’ve seen it was weird. but the food was good :) and i think i had koiii YAY.


day out with the church girls :) remember waking up super early to have bfast with bahn but then rushed off to meet bobo at 313. we decorated glory’s cake at the icing room. turned out not too bad what hahah. and then we went to nex’s disney shop and got party hats and 3 of us were super late to meet glory at tentamadon place ): like 45 minutes late! we are quite horrible people. anyway had our tentamadon (just like we did last year :D). this time there was curryyy :D haha. we ate in our party hats which was quite retarded i think people were staring but so cute right. food was yummy and then we went off to science center. spent the rest of the day there. CSI exhibition wasn’t half bad. i mean okay it was abit too kiddish. like easy to solve but still interesting. and the rest of science center just brought back like memories of childhood. so interesting ah science. and now because of this i wanna watch CSI hahaha. we tried the astronaut icecream which had a strange consistency to it like styrofoam biscuit! wanted to come to my house to play wii but had no time :( so we just went off. and i watched rapunzel at night! very very nice! :) i love her voice and i love the show. only thing is the mom is abit freaky. rapunzel’s pretty!


went to lauren’s house early in the morning :) we brought her to holland v for a long walk. bought our breakfast and we took her to the lego shop and some other shop where we bought her this fairy pencil and a note book. like so mature ah. not like she can write. she’s only 3! played abit of lego with her and i stole alot of lisa’s art and craft paper haha. met foldy after that and she was late late late >:( haha so i walked to the ntuc xtra at tripleone and ended up buying alot of food like sushi, ham, honey stars and yogurt drink. and i bought like hello kitty sweet cos the metal tin is so cute i kept it and used it for my keys! we ate that sushi and ham lunch, ooh and with best fries forever too :) harry potter was BORING x 1000. i dont know why people think its nice. went to develop my photos after that for bahn’s card and bought him the weird looking jap slippers hehe. cos nowadays rain then he keeps slipping at my condo. silly! :) hope non-slip slippes are nice. and i think i had eskimo (AGAIN! D:). we met zing and pittit for dinner. SIX is gone! :( so we ate at pasta fresca and after dinner we brought out this box of ondeh ondeh from bengawan solo and lit candles for bahn’s birthday! :) YAY. took a damn slow walk down to fullerton and then to the one fullerton where we chilled in coffee bean till like idk 10? haha the wind outside was very nice but idk why we sat inside :/


the start of my crazy dance pracs (okay not that crazy actually very little already). bahn came super early like 7.30 hehe and then we both left my house at 9.30 and he went home and i caught the same bus as meanie and we went to tanglin mall. we ate this super nice and filling breakfast at the basement which had bacon eggs bread hashbrown and teaaa and only $6.90 :) good right! walked around a little with her and took some photos before going off to dance. can you believe the theme of my dance is like slut, and bitch? :/ HOW MAN HOW. after dance chilled abit with lynette and sabina. they very nicely followed me around dhoby like daiso, carrefour and cotton on to get stuff. i bought my leopard prints toiletries bag and cotton on undies! :) prettyyy. and then i found my macaroni alphabets from bishan ntuc after that. SUPER HAPPY! went home to bathe and had dinner with bahn at balestier. we were craving bak kut teh and so we had the damn nice one which idk how to say where. but not the aircon one with the long queue. yupp it was awesome :) :) came back home early and we watched our drama until late. and then i spent 2 hours that night doing his card with the stupid macaroni alphabets. ultimate killer :( i slept at 2.15am. and i only had the macaroni alphabets done. NOTHING ELSE. haha.


woke up with like 2 clumps of glue in my hair i had to pluck my hair out. super gross! got up damn early to finish up his card. :) it looked pretty! had dance from 10 to 12 and bahn was being nice to fetch me from school. so we went to his favourite ABC brickwork market and ate his ultimate favourite penang laksa and penang char kway teow. and i had chicken rice! so it was like his mini bday celeb cos it had all his favourite food. gave him his card and boots. and then we went to ion and i bought kiki.k planner for 2011! i am going to be disciplined and use it all the way. MUST! haha. super happy too cos i ate like sushi, popeye’s mashed potato and drank eskimo wheee. and then bahn bought me hello kitty sticker to paste on my luggage and then erm, we went to ion to pass the girl her wallet. it’s the last one, all is gone HOORAY :) and i bought black shoesy to wear in turkey and korea! had dinner at the amk mellben. ATE SO MUCH CRAB, IT WAS SHIOK. happy as can be :)


dance from 10-4. tired out max cos had dance for like the past 3 days. wanted to wait for bahn’s muay thai to end so i did manicure at dhoby xchange. the classic one! :) got gunmetal grey and its soooo nice. am saving green and red for when i come back. just before christmas! anyway bahn hadn’t finished by the time my manicure was done so i didnt wait anymore if not i would be late to meet pittit. went home and showered and out again! bought me a herro kitty ring that cost $1.30. thanks meanie!! had dinner with pit at nex. nex is HUGE. craziness. we ate lots of food :) meesiam, popiah, beard papa and some exotic kiwi egg tart? hahah. the food there quite interesting and there are a thousand a ten shops + food outlets. bought little mermaid luggage tag and a shirt :) whee its a weird shirt actually maybe wear in korea. we only left he place at 9.30 and then homeeee. met bahn for a little while and we celebrate his bday early by the poolside before sending him home.
OKAY ME NEED TO SLEEP NOW. turkeyyyy!! :) pray for a safe trip and all the best for vetting meanie and dance friends!
i heard thunder :”( oh meow. and yknow i think im a little sick. haha.

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