a whole new world

day 7 in turkey is coming to an end :) everything’s been amazing so far. the food, the weather, the sights and all. so breath taking and i think nature is awesome. the rocks totally owned it. and the cities, places, ruins and so on were so pretty! God’s creation is, indescribable, i guess? mm. cotton castles, valleys, caves, hills and old deserted cities that existed more than 2000 years ago. :) and i’m pretty adjusted to the weather too. I LOVE IT. it is cold and very very very nice!! :) every morning my fav part of breakfast is eating fresh tomatoes with cheese and ham. it goes perfectly. haha with cereal and all the other food too. been eating like a pig in turkey. the food’s turned out to be much better than expected. i love the way they cook the rice. buttery and all. and their kebab is just ownage too. very yummy. turkish delight, apple tea slurp slurp slurp. hot tea in the winter keeps me warm and fuzzy. the cats and dogs here on the street are super cute. they are small and fluffy and round. very friendly and definitely know how to pose for the camera. the history of turkey is so rich and deep i love hearing the stories of them all. i feel like i’m on a magic carpet ride ;)
on a side note, gonna finish the first season of glee already haha we’re rationing if not nothing to watch on the bus.
i’ve come to a conclusion that europe’s a place where there’re so many things to see, but asia’s the place where there’re so many things to do. so much to see; so much to do – that’s probably the key difference between the two continents. either way, turkey is reallyyyy pretty but i’m glad i’ve chosen korea for exchange. can’t wait :D
results are out. definitely thankful for what i’ve gotten :) maybe i’m just a pessimist, but it’s better than expected. another 2 more days in turkey and then i’m done here. excited much for dubai i’m gonna ride camels and idk what! didn’t buy much here, just a ring and a bracelet. turkish are obsessed with these ‘evil eye’ things its quite cute. haha.
in the end, no one sat the balloon meanie ;) it didn’t fly cos there was too much wind.
and i’m off to watch glee nowwww :) oh there’s also a very cute little boy named titus in the group. lemondrop! :)

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to a whole new world

  1. meanie says:

    hi meanie! :) no one sat? haha ok thats not so bad! have fun in dubai and hurry come back pls :) glad u’re enjoying yourself.

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