many good things today :D

why is the top of my scalp always like oily and disgusting and weird :( it started only after dance production and after i changed the stupid shampoo that day. so so so annoying and gross. shall go see the hairdresser :(
but anyway, so many good happy things today! like waking up early in the morning and going to bahn’s house :) got my passport photo taken too! and then went to his cousin’s wedding luncheon! happyyyy cos food was good and finally not working! weddings are my favourite things its super sweet and makes me so happy.
went shopping with bahn after that and he bought a bag and i bought my polka dot bagpack too! so nice i love it! and then flats :O dont know why im shopping so much when im already going taiwan and korea haha. 26 more days!! and then met the cg guys for awhile haha cos they were having lunch at marina square.
work was awesome today :D only 4 hours with like dinner break so its even less than that. and made record breaking sales!! 5 air purifiers, 1 rollerion, 1 silver solution, 2 silver gels YIPPEEE! and after work bahn’s mommy gave me a wallet from hk :) so nice! and we withdrew alot of money to change to korean won tomorrow hehh. gonna apply visa too! and look for boots. SO EXCITING!


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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