for us, there’s always tomorrow

havent been having enough sleep for the past few days. all whose fault? haha as a result i’ve been so sleepy and tired at work too. anyhowww, achieved quite a bit in the past two days :)
finally applied visa at the korean embassy yesterday, or rather, monday morning. and changed alot of our money to korean won :D walked the whole of arcade and think we got quite a good rate but then i think it depreciated again today ): neverminddd! thats the problem with exchange rates, so annoying. once you change it, it depreciates but if you keep on holding, it just gets stronger and stronger haha. and then went over to bugis and bought boots for korea! hehehehe. i told myself not to buy high ones but i got high ones which now im regretting (a little) cos maybe its too high ): i hope its nice with whatever i wear there! and then got those kind of stockings for winter wear yay can wear with idk what!
i am really having a headache deciding what to pack for exchange ): this shouldnt beeee!! i wanna bring like everything in my wardrobe its retarded lah. i should learn to control anyway i will be buying stuff right. should i bring my maxi dress? hahaha. i have no idea what household items we’re bringing but pittit is taking care of that haha. she will talk about the kettles and hair dryers and pans and i will just think of what clothes to pack. kitchen IC is her and yay i wanna be the fashion IC hahah.
went to school early this morning to submit the rest of my documents for exchange :) see you should have just let me come with you from the start instead of fighting fighting fighting hahaha.
i finally feel like everything is falling into place. :) exchange always seemed for everyone else but me haha. so exciting but yet so sad, i woke up on monday morning suddenly realising that i wont be seeing my parents for 6 months :( thats quite sad right i will miss them alot i think. its not like a holiday 10, 20 days and then i come back to my comfort zone. this time its like, once i start there’s no turning back for the next 6 months. ahha, very exciting! but i will miss seeing their faces. familiar faces. oh well.
we’re gonna have a bbq on the 5th feb :) wheee!! made the payment today before going for work. there’re around like 18 of us, mostly the bizcom juniors and other randoms. and its so fun cos bahn’s always wanted to organise a bbq for the longest time ever. i hope there’s no rain and no one will last min cannot make it and stuff. and i wanna eat all the yummy food though i dont wanna cook. gonna make sure there’re marshmallows, chocolate bars, bananas and potato chips!
work the past two days have been really quiet with taka day being over. today was good cos bahn and i took a one hour lunch and went over to cine and we had lots and lots of frolick with toppings thanks to athena and had bff too! so fullll. bahn left taka when pittit came at 3.30 and she stayed with me all the way till 6 haha. talk talk talk talk so nice. and i made one sale today! can pat myself on the back cos i think no one in my area made a sale today. hahaha!
watched burlesque after work today :) VERY NICE! oh my wanna dance like them!! and didnt know christina aguilera is quite pretty actually. want a bustier top for cny! and it must be bright cos this morning i told my daddy that i bought a black dress for cny and he was like uh dont wear black when visiting ahma so okayyyy :) must be red pink crimson fuschia whatever hehehe. speaking of which, all the clothes i ordered online have yet to arrive ?! :( boohoo. they’re all black/grey btw haha so its probably a no go for cny esp first day. meow meow meow.
alright, gonna sleep soon! tomorrow meeting naz for lunch yay and thursday gonna collect my passport and friday bfast with meanie and lunch with, weiyann is it? cannot remember! then gaya concert and another long weekend then one more week left of work and im done done done! :D

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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