life ain’t so simple

had a little chat with this colleague yesterday about his life. it was interesting but rather saddening. i had secret society lesson 101. haha. we always hear about these people and watch them from televisions, but its so rare that we meet such people in life. i mean we can find friends with difficulties, sicknesses and we can know friends of friends and all. but this, its kinda different. interesting yes.
and i think its so amazing like when you go out to work you meet all kinds of people and they can come from all walks of life. you learn about things in life that you can never learn from classrooms. and no matter how screwed up life is for them, you can always see the good in them, the little bit of positivity in their eyes.
sigh. it makes us look like monsters. us uni kids dont know anything about life out there. i dont think we even know what the word tough life means. what it means to be stuck at a dead end with no way out. all our life we’ve been so blessed that we take literally everything foregranted. to us, life is all about studies, playing, travelling, exchange, grades, shopping, friends. its so sad really to see people slogging their lives away, holding four jobs, yet not being able to save his own life. of course, it’s their own choice right. we can say that everyone chooses which path to take in life. but sometimes, one mistake is all it takes and its almost as good as no turning back. it’s easy to say that they can just choose to throw everything behind and start afresh, but life really ain’t that simple right?
sometimes i think we’re really spoilt. we’re worrying about whether we have enough money for exchange or whether our online clothes turn out nice or not, stuff like that. we dont seem to realise that there are so many people out there worrying about whether they can even keep themselves alive. it’s so ironic that to some people, life is just like that. live then good, die then die kind of thing. and yknow, i’m really looking forward to the end of the month, cos that’s when i end work. but then, the end of the month may spell doom for another person. oh well.
life isn’t so simple.
but side note!!! the things i learnt were really quite interesting hahaha.
and im looking forward to bahnny day already <3 stayover plus gonna have dim sum in the morning! yayy! and its our last week at work. okay i have to get ready for work now.

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