my dear, we’re two.

so glad that we made it. two is better than one ♥


just had a nice hot shower and did my masking :)  satisfied. and my mommy just killed a teeny weeny spider in my toilet haha i am sooo useless i only know how to scream. yay feel so happy today! so its a good day of course. its one of my favourite days of the year! bahnny stayed over last night after work and its like quite long since we had stayover. so nice and warm and fuzzy the feeling. gave him his wallet with alot of photos and lyrics inside, and he gave me another swarovski charm! the duck one :) super cute! and then we talked and did idk what. then we set alarm like 7am this morningg haha but then by the time i got out of bed was 8am ): had to rush and rush and then go his house too. anw quite unlucky in our dimsum restaurant scout but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. went to thomson hwa nam and it was closed on mondays. then went to goodwood park hotel cos he said there’s nice dimsum there. in the end idk what happened the place wasnt there. then we went to taka and tried crystal jade palace but only opened at 11.30. in the end we settled for imperial treasure something. we ate so so so so much dimsum and it was awesome!! felt superbly full after and wanted to explode, literally. we ate like $5o worth of dimsum and okay including one bowl of lamian. but its alot right. such gluttons :D of course we were very naughty cos work was supposed to start at 10, and while usually we go at 10.30, today we decided that he’d only reach at 12. anw then because amadea was gonna come at 3.30 so i didnt have to work today! thanks bahnnyyy for  doing work the whole day again :) so sweet of you then i didnt have to work at all today, and saturday as well! heehee. but it was quite ): cos when he reached the very annoying supervisor scolded him for being late and complained to our boss haha but of course, who cares cos we’re leaving. and anw i suppose we were really abit late huh >:) poor bahn had to take all the scolding while i was uh, busy meeting elaine! hahaha. so anw yes, met elaine for lunch (again). i am always taking two lunches these few days. its very common for me cos i meet people and eat then later eat again with bahn :D greeeedy! so anw elaine and i went to wendys and sat there for quite long. and then we walked to fareast to shop abit but there was nothing nice so we made our way to bugis st. and i bought my hws which i am bringing to korea. and we both impulsively bought this $10 maxi dress. same one, different colour :D :D super cute. mine looks like watermelonish and hers is idk what colours. pastel ones. and oh, we didnt take a single picture today ): but then we’re now planning to go day trip to jb next monday to eat seafood is it? or just maybe walk around. like a double date hahahaha, very cute right us. and then elaine left to buy her iphone and i went back to taka and then after work we went to look at luggages at tangs and then korean lesson at night. korean’s actually quite fun. we were so super full from our dimsum that we only ate dinner after korean which was like at 9 plus. haha dabao-ed to my house and we ended up watching the walking dead on fox. HORRIBLE SHOW :( rlly scary haha. wanted to go to the poolside and talk but too lazy so ended up going to the car and talking but guess what i just slept ): very lousy eh me. so tired now yawwwwnsss! pittit’s back in indo already :( :) :( :) but nevermind, once she’s back its just like 3 more days before exchange! HOORAYYY \o/ this dream is getting closer and closer!
anyhow, work has been the same the past few days but then is only 4 more days so i am very very happy! i actually enjoyed work on sunday night. i made one sale, and then spent the rest of my time talking to diane. she’s super sweet :) and then my parents keep coming to taka nowadays esp when i do night shift so we eat dinner together hehe. on friday we even went to bugis together after my work and my mommy bought me a bag! haha. then sunday they came and we ate baikohken. and they like to stick around till 9pm then can fetch me home too YAY. nice nice nice parents. been meeting people up these few days too. like so far has been zing & seah, elaine, meanie, weiyann and nazri! and tomorrow is maria and then wednesday is chrystal & bobo still got who else ): haha. anyway shall just be happy from now on, no point being nyeh and sad over stupid things right.

perhaps God invented loneliness to remind us that He’s our only true friend :)

oh i downloaded a bible app in my phone now and am very happy about it cos now i can read the bible anywhere and the font is so big easily 3 times bigger than my actual bible :D yknow, the YAhub did cg reshuffling and then now chrystal is in another cg with all girls. but the sad and ironic thing is that im still in the cg with ALL cat high guys, and this time its worse because lizchay and chrystal is no longer there. idk what to say bout that, idk whether to laugh or cry cos i cant help but feel like, i’ve been stuck here for ages and ages since like J1 and no one can really really understand how i feel? i mean i love the cg guys and all and i can get along with them fine, but sometimes i look at so many others around me and i just wish that i was close to my cg, and we’d hang out and sms and meet up and shop and talk. ACTUALLY, I JUST WISH GIRLS WERE PRESENT. hahahaha you know? its super retarded la. that day i was just sitting in a circle of guys who were introducing, and i realise i’d never genuinely felt so out of place before hahaha. oh well, it was like i was an alien on earth :)
anyhow, need to sleep now :) nightttt.

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to my dear, we’re two.

  1. meaniemoo says:

    meanie u’re rly not lonely! u still have 289!

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