hello elmo!

my brother got into sajc :) wheee so now im gonna pass him all my shirts! my mommy was on a mega spring cleaning for my cupboard this morning so she helped me throw away of my old smelly school tees. so sad and sentimental but nevermind dont care.
had something like a part two bahnny day dinner at holland v last night :) holland v feels like another country altogether haha. had thai express cos we didnt wanna eat too ex but in the end it turned out to be as ex as our dimsum cos we ordered drinks and dessert :( boo haha. but it was still nice. then we went to ikea and both of us bought boxes to store our things at home while we’re on exchange so that they dont collect dust. i think i’ll need another box pls all my soft toys and carebears put where!! haha.
and oh em gee my intro biotechnology and intro to bioscience got approved as GE science. haha should i be going yay? omg omg omg so i have to take that if i wna clear GE science? but i saw the course outlines and its freakinngggg hard? its like biotechnology is what, nuclear bombs? haha. and i have zero bio background how!! must be super kiasu for bidding when it opens on the 10th. i’m gonna be the first one to snap up the courses pls. you know its first come first serve basis and my OBHR mods all have only 5 vacancies in total :( what if i dont get!
anyhow, created my pack list today in the notebook that bahnny gave me last night :D it seems like i have sooo many things to bring! haha do you rlly think i can make it below 20kg check in and 10kg handcarry? i highly doubt it.
lunch today was with bobo and chrystal at fareast! we had yummy cheap chicken rice :) and after that we went over to wisma to eat sour sally. melonmint with mochi cubes is da bezzzz. wheee! and then we went into shops and tried on clothes, shoes and stuff. it was fun :) then it was work work work for me. it wasnt too bad i think im getting naughtier these days, like walking around and disappearing all the time :D hehe.

and right, i’m sucha waste money queen zzz. today i wasted alot of money on useless things. bought a very small cute pen, and a hello elmo clip and then a hello elmo file and stickers. OMG! waste ALOT of money ): i dont know why but recently i’ve been so obsessed with this whole hello elmo thing. but it’s super cute!! :'( hahaha.
anyway, just got some disturbing sms :( i hope that he won’t do anything rash and that i’ll still see him around tomorow :'( boooo. i dont really know what we can do?


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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