sleepy & satisfied :D

SO GLAD THAT IT’S OVER. no more 10-9, no more black top to toe attire, no more black covered shoes, no more standing in a corner, no more taka! :D no more sales promoter. three short weeks and its over! but it was an experience of course :) i’ll miss the people and things. i’ll miss my sweetest pretty philippino friend, diane, who talks to me everyday and is very nice to me :) i’ll miss jennifer and janna who are like mothers to everyone there. and i’ll miss the gangster even though he tried to cheat us and all. i’ll miss his stories and all that he has taught me about things that i would never know or learn from schools. and i’ll miss my competitor and his soft mumbling voice, and always asking me to let him have the sale -.- and the smelly ozone coming from his product. hahah. i wont really miss the supervisors but i’ll miss taka, a littleeeee bit only. just the whole setting, i’ll kinda miss it. i really love the henry cats things and the hello kitty elmo counter and the fliff stuff! pretty pretty!
but anyway, last day luck, and i sold an air cleaner :D yippee! francis was shocked cos haha well the lady was actually interested in his but later changed her mine to ours even though ours was more ex. in total we sold like $5k worth of stuff for the company yay. heh. more stories today, found out alot about how harsh life can be. its super interesting and yet so sad :(((( oh well. and i wanna go listen to a court case!!
went for wanyang foot and shoulder/neck massage with my mommy after work. just what i needed :D for the tired feet that stood daily for three weeks, and the tensed up back muscles. hahaha the massage hurt quite alot and the guy omg damn strong or violent idk what it is but my chair tilted quite a few times and i wanted to box him cos it was so painful. but shiok! :)
first dinner with my family at bukit timah somewhere. and cos i was gonna have a second dinner with bahn later so i pinched food here and there from my family. a few spoons of satay beehoon, a few spoons of char kway teow, one korean nian gao (damn nice!), some macs fries. hehe and then on the way to taka i bought my sour sally again! melonmint mochi YUMMM. and then rosalind came and talked to us for abit. omg so funny she did something super bad to competitor! :D hehehe. but anw we got off late and all. then both of us went down to geylang :D
geylang lorong 9 to eat the beef hor fun which was damn awesome and then we stopped by the roadside to eat durianssss :) was quite grumpy the whole night but food made me feel abit better. grumpy also idk for what. must be the massage make me like that lah hahaha. anyway food was good! what a satisfying day. and now i’m so sleepy! bahn has soccer tomorrow and i have bkt with mean! :)

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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