oh what a night

if everything’s a nothing, then i must be too.

first weekend without work :D had bak kut teh with meanie for lunch yesterday at balestier. it was warm and yummy esp since it was raining so heavily! took our time to eat and we were like the only people there. i wore my fireworks toga dress which looked kinda weird hahaha but i think its nice leh actually. and then we went to bugis to get jas’ shoes! superman shop so awesome all the shoes so colourful and prettyyyy! was feeling lazy so we went to starbucks to sit and drink caramel macchiato (me only lah) and we didnt go flea in the end ): but i wanted to buy rings!
and then was supposed to watch love and other drugs with bahn but he didnt want haha so we ended up walking around aimlessly for like 3 hours. ohemgee so silly. we walked from cityhall to esplanade and marina square then suntec and just walked and walked and walked. and we finally made our way to bras basah to meet the bizcommies :) had dinner at waterloo street. good! i like cheap food. was fun catching up abit with them esp suhtyng and yikka. then over to laselle to support keeyann for indancity. haha alot of people say boring and very emo but i think okay. maybe cos i used to dance that before. but i must admit, emix nicer :D haha. i cant say that i miss that very much, esp now after i’ve done my own emix production. but maybe inside me a tiny little part of my heart still thinks ‘what if i never quit?’ hahah.
saw lots of other dancers/people that i knew too! christina teo dance nice! and idk why but bahn and i kept whispering throughout the whole thing hahah quite annoying right and suhtyng and i kept giggling too at dont know what. we saw jack’s girlfriend too! haha. we left quite early right after we gave her the flowers and took photos. walked all the way to bugis wanted i love taimei but close ): suhtyng’s sandals broke so she bought one immediately so cute. ended up drinking rockery bubble tea which was not bad. we all stood around for nearly an hour chit chatting. at least the guys stood but i sat and talked to them :D haha. home quite late thankfully my parents fetched us both from intercontinental. went back to meet the mmtp guy who gave me my clothes! dress is rather short but very cheery and top was fine :)
church today was good :) first time in a long long long time i listened properly to a sermon. its always been kj, overseas or whatever. and i sat alone with loke today cos like no one was there eee haha so sad. after church had lunch with my parents and then over to j8 to meet bahnny. we both bought shorts :D GOSH going taiwan already still like that. wore my watermelon maxi which was weirdly sticking out like a bell at the two ends so i went to alter it after lunch. thankfully it turned out fine. and for only 5 bucks! :) did jas’ card tooo. then was jas’ party. went early to help deco. had damn alot of people there, so crowded and anyway crowded got what use, still alone haha ): didnt know anybody so was rather bored. ended up asking bahn to rescue me and he did, so i left early. but not after a few long agonising hours hahaha. but anyway, HAPPY 21ST JASLYN :) it’s still too early to be wishing you!
raining so much today and yesterday. hate this weather. yes its cold, and cold’s nice. but cold and HUMID isnt nice ): sucky weather. just wanna curl up in my bed. and my hard drive is annoying me. been trying to back up my stuff for the past 3 days and its always been failing. either that or it takes way too long and i need to sleep so i give up. anyway, need to sleep soon! another busy day tomorrow :) jb jb jb. totally doesnt feel like im going on exchange soon. haha.

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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