then you met one, and it changes your life forever.

just came home from watching

i’ve never known anyone who actually believed that i was enough until i met you. and then you made me believe it too.

such a sweet, happy/sad, touching story :) yet funny too! yay. wanna watch these two shows too! think natalie portman and ashton kutcher are (y) and black swan is ballet show! and natalie portman again, why she so popular haha.

yesterday was jb day trip with elaine ys and bahn. bahn drove his dad’s car (in secret!!) and we picked elaine and ys from nus at 10.30 when she ended class. there was no jam on the causeway in or out so very happy :) all we did was eat and eat and eat all day. very fulfilling. we wanted to eat nandos but then it looked too plain. so we had sushi king some combo meal with rice noodles yakult and had sushi of course. after that just walked around the shopping centre before round 2 of kenny rogers chicken and 3 side servings of macaroni and cheese :D had coffee and fruit salad too. hahah after that we were full but went for a ridiculous pint of baskin robbins icecream which was sooo awesome. 31st of every month had some special 31% off so it came up to $17.60 ringgit which is only like $7 plus sing and divided by us 4 is $1.90 sing per person. OOH LALALA :) felt fat and full after that and then we went to play a little arcade. many amusing happenings like the customs people kept mixing elaine and i up. the guy took elaine’s passport and looked at me closely then chopped, same for elaine with my passport. so blurr omg we dont even look alike haha. so easy to cheat them. and it happened 3 times in total!! like quite funny cos later when going back we decided to put our passports together to confuse them and they were really confused like they see one passport then keep looking back and forth between the two of us. HAHA. wheeee. and then right, when we were about the leave the place, we realised ALL the autopay machines for the parking fee was spoilt. and so we went up to the counter and wanted to pay but the queue was so ridiculously LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG like this. it was literally the length of an entire mrt train and longer. people just queueing to pay one stupid ringgit. and by then it was 4.30 plus and bahn needed to return the car home by 6.30 and we were so worried cos he didnt tell his parents we going jb. haha in the end right, i just shamelessly walked all the way to the front of the queue (tell you it took like more than a minute to walk from where we were to the front of the queue please) and asked if i could pay with them cos i was in a rush. at first the lady like abit annoyed but then she said okay lah just pay before us. :DDDD pats my own back. none of them would have been able to do it. but im just, guiltless and shameless and whatever. it just made those who actually bothered to queue the freaking long queue look stupid ): confirm queue for one hour plus. hmmm hahah actually quite bad ah. thankfully we didnt get lost on the way back :) made it back early even. YAY and then went off to the last korean class. so that basically summed up yesterday and its adventures. haha.

all types of fireworks including ‘pop pop’ pellets are prohibited in singapore. i still find that AMUSINGGGG.
ohemgee then today my father came to wake me at up 6.40am so that we could send my brother to school together and then eat bfast together with mommy!!! >:) or >:( hahah. SO SLEEPY. but then we ate the yummy bing gang bread which i now have craving for again. haha. so maybe tomorrow i go with bahn. and then when i reached home it was like 8.15am only?! haha couldnt go back to sleep and didnt have my lappie cos i left it in bahn’s house overnight ): but i managed to use my brother’s laptop and then self entertained while waiting to be fetched. spent a good part of the morning trying to book my return flight (which failed 3 times before it finally got successfully booked in the evening). YAYNESSSS to ultra cheap tickets :D i’m coming back 30th midnight/31st morning 12.35am. so that means i’ll be away for exactly 24 weeks, which converts to be either 6 months (if you think one month is 4 weeks, which really isnt) or more like 5 months and 20 days :) bounces around, i’m so eggcited yet scared thinking about it.
went for lunch at some amk coffee shop and ate the xiao wan mian which was really yummy too but i kept saying i wanted xiao wan fan hahaha when obviously there was no rice. so naughty right. then over to sheng siong to get some stuff for the bbq, then to nex’s value dollar shop and ntuc to get even more stuff for the bbq. now everything’s safely stashed away in my box and in the freezer :) pray for good weather!
headed over to taka to get my cat pouch from diane :) she sweetly gave me a 50% discount even though i think she wasnt supposed to. \o/ thankeewwww. its so soft and sqooshy and the cat just keeps smiling at me hahaha. then bought tickets to love and other drugs, dinner at his house, then moooovie :)


cant wait for reunion dinner tomorrow. i <3 family.

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