i finally get to blog

what a long happening cny weekend. with the happy and the sad :) :( haiiii.

eve of cny was spent out with the bahn for the whole day before reunion dinner! :) we went to bencoolen where i bought a watch and then we went roaming all over bugis and down to haji lane :) nice nice everything nice! cny even reunion dinner was at kia hiang restaurant with family. food was good :) we ended quite early so went to watch its a great great world. super nice show! makes me feel like living in the 70s haha, like very sentimental and nostalgic kind. met bahn awhile after and was supposed to eat supper but it was raining too heavily so we just sat in the car and talked :) hehe.

chu yi :) visit ah ma, visit tua yi, to ahma’s again for lunch, visit bahn’s family, visit uncle lewis, ahma’s house for dinner, then uncle boon tiong’s house. ahma very cute and funny asked me four times when im gonna graduate and get married :D hehe. ate alot alot alot alot, like nonstop. uncle lewis’ house was funny cos the adults were having weird convos about bgr eeee ): haha. uncle boontiong’s house was nice cos could catch up with sherilyn! 10 years apart and still good friends hehe :) forever my purple princess :) the night didnt end well :(

it wasn’t an easy decision and it really broke my heart to see him cry :'( haiiii. we still remember the first time she came, so reluctant to walk had to drag her around the estate. and then she became our best friend and we brought her all around singapore. she even slept in my house. everyday he would walk her and she would wait faithfully for him to come home. she’d dance her lion dance in excitement whenever she saw him. she’d run up to him everytime we brought her to the stadium to wait for him to jog. she’d bark in anger whenever i got too close to him. maybe it was jealousy haha. i remember how we made her dance to justin bieber’s baby. now come to think of it the lyrics quite apt. baby baby baby oh thought you’d always be mine hahah. OH WELL. wish she was still here, but anyway, it was a good year :( short and sweet. summer baby, we’ll miss you :( i think he misses you more cos you’re like his best friend.
it was quite painful in her last few minutes to see her slowly get drawn into her own death. and he was still stroking her head up to the very last minute :'( hai so sad. but anyway its over! kind of. and she will be missed :)

chu er! was quite a sad morning cos i woke up and the first thing i thought of was how weird it was that bahn didnt have to walk summer and how empty and quiet the house would be ): ehh, but then anyway, spent the morning/afternoon visiting his grandmas. both of them very cute! :) and one of them gave me a big angbao very shocking. and he has this nephew thats very naughty and quite cute too! after that was my eldest aunts house on my dad’s side. the one near sajc so every year we always take a family walk around sajc and the neighbourhood. fond memories :) dinner was at aunty patsy’s. megan didnt come and lauren was being princess again. haha. so that was chu er.

chu san! helped to prepare bbq food in the morning. went to ntuc with my parents and all. then had lunch at his place. his relatives came over. then was a short visit to megan’s house followed by aunty betty’s house. bbq with random bizcom juniors at night :) it was quite fun actually even though the food turned out to be so-so. but games talking drinking and all was good. they stayed till 12 then went home and bahnny stayed over! but we were both too tired to do anything so just slept haha.

last church on sunday before i will be away for 6 months! swingggg. meanie came and after that we ventured to chinatown to eat red star dimsum. read online that it was good was we gave it a shot. it was at some super old hdb 7 stories up and we had to climb. very chinesey restaurant with the long cny queue and all. but the queue moved fast! dimsum was awesomely yummy. it was push cart style with the people shouting out whatever was in the cart and going past. sat relatively near the kitchen so that was good. and near the porridge lady standing at her counter scooping porridge too :D the whole bill came up to $51 which was omg more expensive than i thought. but anyway it was worth the money for the food and experience. hehe. walked around china town for abit the sun was so hot and i couldnt find the hello kitty pen >:( meow haha.

met lianzy and lamey at nex for tea. teadot’s lollipop earl grey was nice. i like alot now! (: shall go back there more often next time. sat and chilled and talked for awhile then walked around before going off. had family dinner after that and more walk walk.
didnt do much today. applied STA international student card and went to buy my umbrella. family and bahn had lunch at airport swensens :) studied korean abit for the rest of the day. slept. didnt even study finish. was sick. still am sick. boohoo. korean test was fine think can do okay! :) cabbed home after korean. thanks for helping me rub my belly :) hehehe. and now i need to sleep! i wanna do so many things and I HAVENT EVEN STARTED PACKING FOR EXCHANGE. goodness. okay me shall sleepz now.

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