i have just created the bidding wishlist for my exchange and am in a state of panic ): haha its like only 6.30 and bidding opens at 8 and my classes with only 5 vacancies have already been ‘wishlisted’ by 14 people. OMGOMGOMG. i pray real hard that i get my courses. please dear God :( hahah.
the past few days were like meet up days and stay at home and watch tv days too (: haha. felt abit better on tuesday morning and started to pack abit for exchange. i am so amazed by the vacuum packs. haha i always knew how superb they were :D haha. went out to watch great world with bahn again haha cos he didnt watch! and then dramas lots of dramas at home. just feel like staying at home these few days cos now that i’m flying away for 6 months, i wont get to see my family or my home for so long ): haha so ironic. i actually think i will miss home much more than i thought i would? haha. oh well. and then dinner was at lauren’s place with the korean exchange student. and we had lohei too :D yum. lauren and her cute crispies and teeny weenies. hehe. took a walk around holland v for a long long time and then by 10pm, bahn & i went off to the airport to fetch jaya (:

had breakfast with yinxi yesterday <3 ate j.co donuts with coffee YAY! gr8 way to start the day haha. love how we seldom meet and seldom talk but are never awkward around each other :D swingssss. hope you get your exchange to sweden!
and i got a ring from accessorize <3
met clique after that for a lunch that turned out to be like high tea again cos we didnt eat so much. went to STA to make jaya’s international student card and then settled down at some weird wong kok hong kong cafe thing. my pictures are still in my cam so yay to elaine’s iphone. iphone takes pretty pics!

dinner was with bizcom at domani cafe @ taka. went late and ate the chocolate rive gauche cake only! hahah went to taka and got a hello kitty key thing for my mommy! cos she bought me a bear for valentines day which im gonna bring to korea YAY! so sweet hor. after that we went out to walk the orchard streets and take lots of pics with keeyann’s awesome cam. hahah (: and finally we stopped at ion stairs for a long time and just sat there talking. singapore’s weather like getting nice ah. haha. talked till 10.30 plus and then left for homeeee.

hai. all i can think of now is bidding.


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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