it’s been some time.

take advantage of everyday you wake up under the sun (:
it’s been the longest time i’ve neglected my blog! :O omg. it’s been slightly over a month since leaving for exchange :) and i don’t really know what to say as well. too many things too many sights too many experiences. enjoying myself thoroughly, trying to do as much as i can and soak in the whole atmosphere. taiwan was a good holiday but now, school has started and it’s week 3 :) school’s fun, made a few friends. gone snowboarding and skiing! and to lotte world and shopping everywhere wheee! i love myeongdong and forever2111111 :) and yeungdeungpo and ewha! experienced my first kpop concert – 2AM :) eggciting and totally drama cos some guy proposed to his gf there.
SPRING IS HERE :) it’s like 8-10 degrees in the day and night’s still cold. right now, all i want to do is wear my shortsssss haha. i kinda miss hot weather. abit only though cos i like spring hehe. been watching dramas and cooking and meeting people. church here is cute and small and homely the congregation is like less than 20 people. made a few friends too. this entry’s really incoherent! missing my friends in singaporeeeee. i have 9am school tomorrow. eeeeks :/ and i still wanna watch my drama and eat yogurt. wanna do many many things! but i need to bathe naoooo. andddd,

meanie for you! :)



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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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