is spring here yet? :)

i have decided to blog more faithfully. haha its 9.30am here and everyone’s still sleeping! school yesterday was long. tuesdays are my early days so i have to get up at 7.15 and reach school at 9. nowadays i take much longer to get ready i dont know why either haha. was damn sleepy cos i watched dramas till like 1.30am.
anw the morning rush hour train crowd is terrible. horrid. much worse than singapore. i still remember on friday on the way to snowboarding it was the worst train experience in my life. hahah. like the train was crawling and it stopped every few minutes. and we moved 3 stops in 15 minutes when usually it takes like 15 minutes to move 9 stops. omg. and we were late for the bus to snowboarding. supposed to reach there at 9, we boarded the train at 8. the train ride should have taken us less than 30 minutes but it was crawlinnggggggg and we had to get down even before midway and it was 8.45 and we cabbed. 4 of us. and yet we missed the bus at 9. jiahui and co had to go first omg and we were so panicky and sad cos we thought we couldnt snowboard but anw thank God for lois and her pro korean we managed to call them and tell them our situation and so we got on the same bus at a different train station at 9.30. anyway the point was i hate the morning train and crowd.
thank God that my tues first class business nego is always fun :) ahaha. like time passes damn fast cos he gives us one hours plus to negotiate with each other :D haha. and we can eat and drink coffee and stuff! then had my 50 mins international business environment which im always late for so that makes it like 40 mins of class for me yay. walked to ewha, walked around and then bahn came over from home to meet me for lunch :) ate at some strawberry cafe and then he waited for me for my next 50 mins class to end haha. and we brainstormed random business proposals :D hohoho.
had a few hours to spare before meeting my og for dinner so we both tried the waffles at holly’s cafe! :D i still prefer waffle it up though. there are a thousand and one cafes here i wanna try all! and i have yet to sit in my hello kitty cafe and chill. decided to go to cityhall and explore. nothing much there just a palace that let us in for 50 cents so we went in to walk around. there are too many palaces here in the middle of nowhere. haha. i wanna buy my tsubaki hair treatment thing! and im gonna curl my hair in april with sherlene and jiahui :) yay. my split ends are getting horrible here esp cos the air is so dry.
went back to meet my orientation group for bbq pork dinner :) the food’s always nice haha. and then drinks at some place. the number of drinking games here are like endless. learnt alot of new games it was quite fun and everyone just kept drinking soju shots and all. hahaha so typical korean. and i had to do a few forfeits too booo but anw drinking is sucha korean thing but im kinda learning to enjoy it like with the games and all, everyone gets high damn fast and no one is like reserved and shy. okay what am i saying.
i rlly wanna ski again this weekend SHOULD I? haha damn waste money but i like! and last chance alr :( i have been spending alot esp on shopping i think. omg. everytime i step into f21 i step out with something so i totally need to control myself. baaaa. gonna go shopping with lois later. again!! :) and we’re going for the dance audits. i hope i get in!!
goodmorning world :) i love wednesdays cos i only have 50 mins of class :)


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