oh yeah

am home alone cos class ended early and i’m waiting for the two of them to end :) anyhow.


hahaha. omg i’m quite excited but then again i didn’t even bring my dance shoes ?! i don’t know if i want to fully commit but then i know i can go on weds at least and yay ntu and nus girl got in too so i have friends :D
spent yesterday shopping at ewha with lois :) i bought a bag and a shirt. bag was 15 bucks and shirt was 5. HAHA i love ewha. and then we went to class and then dance audits. audits was a joke. i only found out there and then that i could use my own music. so i used rachel’s choreo and i was quite nervous cos i wasn’t sure if i could even remember. hahah. audits was like alone. me. and 9 people watching. stressful ttm. thankfully i remembered all the steps to the choreo but it was still awkward and BAAA i hate auditions. then they interviewed me and like i answered in a way that made it seem like i couldn’t commit and so i thought i wouldn’t get in but anyway I GOT IN so yeah :) hahaha. and then night time was spent at gangnam and julie came along. I LOVE GANGNAM TOO NOW! there’s artbox and uniqlo and alot of cafes and baskin robbins :) ate at some fusion restaurant omg the chicken we first ordered was DAMN SPICY we nearly died eating it and we couldnt finish it cos it was too spicy (although the sauce was damn good) so we ordered fried chicken and it was awesome too :) and then we headed over to baskin robbins some favourite D thing. anw the dessert there was like heavenly. haha and then we took photos with their street camera. damn cool! its like u stand in front of the pole and its like free neoprint and then u can email it to yourself :) haha.
okay. i need dance shoes!!! i shall buy here. maybe. :) anyway i heard that some european exchange students (like french and mexican?) are flying back because of the nuclear explosions in japan. abit of an over reaction no? but then they are afraid it will spread to korea even though it hasn’t and it won’t. no idea.
going to some international students party tonight haha. clubbing here is like cheap and no i don’t club but it’s the number one favourite activity of most exchange students here. esp the europeans. but mine’s still shopping :) hahaha. and then WEEKENDS!!! gonna try queueing for some big bang variety show concert thing. I HOPE WE GET TO SEE THEM :) kpop wave is hitting me yo. heehee. ooh and there was snow yesterday again! random.

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