party flip, party flop

last night’s clubbing was phail. as in not that it wasn’t fun but i don’t see how anyone can enjoy clubbing so much that they do it everyday. anyhow, we met them for dinner at hongdae. there was like a thousand and one french and one german girl and one khazakstan girl who’s so atas and model-ish and so tall and skinny. she looks like a rhythmic gymnast! :) and i think she’s so pretty. haha out of point. then french are quite cute esp when they speak in french to themselves. i felt like i was in mini france yesterday haha. ate dinner at this place and dinner wasn’t half bad. had abit of soju and then we made our way to el bliss which was the supposed clubbing place. but el bliss turned out to be a total fail as in it wasn’t really a club club but more like a bar lounge. there wasn’t even free drinks. bumped into a few familiar faces and then after a long period of wasting time we went into a bar to drink more cos they wanted to drink before finding another club. more drunk french girls joined us out of the blue. random. and the smoke was so smelly omgosh. but anyway there was one drunk french girl who was so funny hahah. she kept doing her own thing and talking to random korean guys. after that we headed down for a club but we spent like nearly 40 mins deciding which club to go and after alot of walking around (and one cup of ice cream) we ended up at this place called papa gorilla’s ?! anyway the music wasn’t even that great. anyway we left the place near 2 and then cabbed home. broke the ‘no cabbing after 11pm rule’ HAHA. oh dearrr.
woke up at 11am this morning. bahn’s cooking fish soup now :D hehe. then we’re gonna go out! YAYYY! good morning world!


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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