i finally danced again today! (: after two whole months of not dancing (and basically not exercising). WHOOHOO! feel damn happy and much healthier and i love my pink shoes to bits ♥

today’s dance was quite nice and not very difficult! the seniors can dance damn well (((: i wna learn alot of girls hiphop (: and maybe whacking.
bought 2 nail polishes ytd for only $1 each (: pastel pink and purple! and a $2 ring today. omg waste money waste money waste money. my save money plan is a hopeless failure.
had a picnic at seonyudo park yesterday after school with some people from SNU and lois as well (: managed to catch sunset! but after that the weather was freaking cold. totally the wrong day and time for a picnic. i think it was like 1 degrees. but apart from that the place was really pretty and the food was nice! shall picnic there again in the spring. or summer. we were damn cold after dinner so we ran into a very pretty isolated cafe and had awesome hot chocolate and green tea lattes (: am so going back there again!
met lois for sushi buffet today (again!) and after this i swear i’m gonna keep off japanese and seafood. please don’t let me get radiated! :( then we bought our rings and took a slow walk back to school. wasted more money buying the business nego textbook D: and then one hour of class then dance!
home to super yummy dinner haha bahn’s the best cook around! (: tried to paint my nails into half half but failed so now its like alternate nails dark blue and light blue.
anyway, hello kitty cafe and jimjilbang tomorrow! YAY!!


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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