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i hate tallying money everynight. it doesn’t tally! now i’m short of $5 i don’t know why ): i seem to be losing money all the time! and my money’s flying away so fast i don’t even know where it all goes. TIME TO EAT KIMBAP EVERYDAY THIS WEEK! budget budget budget! >:(
reading all my friends’ facebook status about week 13 in smu makes me so thankful to be on a break for once, away from smu. now that i think about it, i have no idea how i survived 5 semesters of smu without turning the least bit crazy. i’m quite proud to say i have never really conformed to become the typical smu student. i can count with one hand the number of times i’ve actually studied in the school library. i have never stayed in school overnight before. i have never started studying more than 2 weeks before my exams. i have never actually used up my gsr hours. haha and for most of my recess weeks, i have managed to stay AWAY from school :D but then again, i have never scored an A+ and i’m fine with that. never been a TA, never been on the dean’s list. but i’m still happy. i spend most of my time out of school, away from projects and work (at least i’m convinced i do), SO I’M HAPPY. but the point is this is, 1.i couldn’t have done it without God’s grace and 2. university in korea is SO MUCH MORE SLACK i feel like i’m on holiday.
the weekends flew by again. finally went to hello kitty cafe on friday (: very pretty and pink and my new favourite beverage is green tea latte! i know bahn hates kitty haha but i kinda liked the cafe! and the bread with yogurt was soo awesome!! shall go back again one day, with a girl.
headed over to school for the yonsei-korea uni cheering competition thing. it was damn crowded like a concert setting; one side blue, one side red. actually the atmosphere was quite high and everyone (especially the koreans) were going crazy cheering. too bad i didn’t understand korean if not i’d have joined in the fun too :D left after an hour for dance and okay here’s the point: harie is going to perform for akaraka which is like a music festival where famous kpop bands come and perform. we’re all given a chance to perform for harie IF we pass the auditions. but only 2 new members (at most) will get to perform ): and if we get to perform, we get backstage passes and we can see all the stars! and take photos with them haha. i want to perform!! but then, i won’t get it. so oh well. had dinner at the same awesome chinese restaurant again with jiahui sherlene jz and brandon again. i love the gan pong ki chicken!! haha.
saturday was spent at gapyung – nami island and petite france (: two awesome places. nami is the really small pretty island where winter sonata was filmed. the straight rows of trees are the best! we had a nice picnic lunch as well, walked around and then we cycled around. took lots and lots of photos. we’re most probably going back in late spring/summer. I WANT TO TAKE THE NAMI ZIP THING ACROSS TO THE ISLAND! but there will be quite alot of flies in the summer i think. petite france was completely unplanned for and it was like a quaint little ‘french’ like town. beethoven virus was filmed there! and i bought some le petite prince souvenirs! DAMN CHEAP (: dinner at myeongdong and i bought a shirt. HAHA.
had homecooked pasta and potato/egg salad on sunday (: woke up lateeee. finally satisfied my food cravings and i was so satisfied with my potato/egg salad!! headed over to 63 building and realised it was too crowded and we had not much time so we left and went over to times sqaure again. discovered a huge homeplus quite near our place as well :D I LIKE TIMES SQUARE ALOT! church after that and there was alot of food after the service. sandwiches, pizza and a birthday cake (y). i should seriously control the amount of cake i eat! we had BBQ buffet dinner after that. haha it was so good and i ate ALOT. alot of meat and mushrooms and meat and rice and meat and meat and meat and octopus!! :))) and drank abit of soju too. supermarket shopping after that at homeplus and we cabbed home!
TODAY! another start of the week. it was a lazy day until after school. we went back to the 63 building and went to the main attractions – sky art gallery, wax museum and the sea world aquarium. spent over an hour in the sky art gallery cos we waited for sunset there (: the view was pretty! after that had a really cheapo dinner (like cup noodles and the triangle thing from family mart) and then to the wax museum and sea world.
just had fruit salad made up of apples, oranges and kiwi :) GOING TO SLEEP NOW!

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