bloom & blossom (:

just felt like putting this down. so impactful right (;
haven’t updated in awhile again! :) school’s reaching a point where it’s plateauing into boring mundane routine. so, nothing much new. midterms are coming up NEXT WEEK! ): am totally not prepared at all.
let’s see, we went to the seoul zoo last saturday at seoul grand park (: watched the tiger & lions feeding time! so cute omg haha and we caught the dolphin’s show! DAMN CUTE. adore dolphins! then we went for the han river cruise with bahn’s og. the night view along the river’s so pretty! sunday was bahnny date day haha we went to some doggy cafe. the dogs super cute also! and then to gwanghwamun for lunch at some restaurant (: walked along the king sejong stretch all the way to samcheongdong after! cafes, cafes and rows of cafes! bought a chocolate tart thing and wanted to sit down and eat but they didnt give fork >:( church after! i sang at church HAHAHA omg quite funny lah. then we had sundubu dinner with some of the church people followed by grocery shopping!
bahn & i randomly explored yeouido on tuesday after school. we wanted to see the spring blossoms but the park wasnt in full bloom yet. so we decided to take a bus home and on the way home, we saw stretches of spring blossom trees :) had dinner with koen & his friends from netherlands after that. discovered some nice wood fired italian pizza place near our house so we ate there. yummy (: and then we went over to the cafe in seonyudo park to drink my fav green tea latte! oh, and the spring blossoms are blooming EVERYWHERE now! had lunch with hweekeng & calesta yesterday and we saw rows of spring blossoms along sinchon :) pretty pretty! yesterday was also the start of the yeouido-hangang cherry blossom festival so there weere fireworks near our house! so awesome to be staying so near the han river right.
and and and, my gmarket things have all arrived haha. makes me wanna shop even more. going to seoraksan over the weekend! excited :) so, i really need to study if not im gonna fail my midterms! ):
oh and i also did a horrible thing yesterday. cos the prof changed our OB midterms from wed to sat, and i was thinking of going busan over the next weekend, i told him i couldn’t make it for the midterms so he rescheduled another one for me on thurs :))) HAHAHA yay!

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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