safe in a thunderstorm

thumbs up to last minute spontaneity (y)

i like the one in the middle :)
i have decided to see if it’s possible to lose 1kg in one week, just by going off snacks. you think so? haha. but i shall still try.
week after busan was like, a two day school week. highlights were meeting up with lixin & her friend rachel for dinner on thursday at myeongdong and ewha. and the unexpected turn of events on friday. followed the free smu bsm bus for nice bbq-ed duck lunch and to the DMZ unification tunnel and then to the airport to pick pit’s parents up. the bsm people seriously having too much fun in korea. what everland, baseball match, busan and staying in good hotels. haha. yesterday was a random weird day. went to asan on a horribly long train ride. but it turned out pretty cheap. and then had an awesome oxtail stew lunch which i’m still craving now!! and to the onyang folk museum then onyang hot spring ;) was pretty rainy yesterday and i heard it rained heavily in seoul ytd but where we were was just cloudy all the way until we went into the hot spring. so thank God. hot spring was nice. the water was of course, hot. HAHA. tried all the pools and there was outdoor one too :) liked the tub with the greeny water and the sauna!! haha. and the icy cold water tub. OMG challenge of a lifetime to just enter the tub. and then back to seoul for sol-ryong tang dinner and we saw kim yunna figure skating on tv :D hehe. and then to iceberry for bingsu and we gave lois her bday present.
off to dongdaemun now and hopefully i can buy cheap flower and polka dot shorts ;D and then baseball match tonight! go LG twins vs i dont know who! i dont care i hope its fun :)

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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