do you believe

in fairytales?
girls all around the world are actually the same inside. while some just lead more dramatic movie-plot-worthy lives than others, we all just really want the same things, face the same problems, share the same insecurities and all hope for the same fairytale ending.
i don’t know if i believe in fairytale endings (i suppose i do) but i know for sure that fairytales will never have bad endings.

i think it’s the most universal concept in the world; falling in love. :) hehe.


sooo pretty (: i would so love to be here. i need to see a good sunset in a field of pretty flowers.

true true, how very true.

yes totally. and this time, i need another miracle again. a big one. and i trust in God (:
i have zero won in my phone now that totally sucks. i dont know if i can top it up tomorrow cos i have been waiting for four days already but the guy keeps saying come back another day. visa visa visa 어떻게? :( SIGH. one more reason to h8 中国. growls.

About cheryl

cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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