if i could turn back the clock

haven’t updated in ageesssss (: sooo exchange has officially come to a close with grades released yesterday. thank God for good grades omg i wish i could transfer over haha. to think i didn’t even study, much.
been missing korea alot ever since i left, even though its barely been a week (: missing all the friends i’ve made there. had so much fun the last week after exams just hanging out and going places. listening to korean songs these days just put me in a funny melancholic mood. hahaha. the past four months in korea have brought me so many of God’s blessings, interesting experiences and unforgettable moments. i can’t even really find words to sum up my whole exchange. every day flew by so quickly, every moment so precious and every single event so deeply etched in my memory! (: all i want now is to turn back the clock and start all over again ): would never ever give up my exchange experience for anything :’)


so now i’m travelling for the next month or so. japan china hongkong! excited much. the past week i’ve already been to osaka, kyoto and mount fuji! universal studios, sky garden, towers, castles, shrines, palaces, and MOUNT FUJI :) japan is sucha pretty country. very interesting and anime like with clean streets and many cyclists, bustling city crowds and buildings with city lights! just reached tokyo!! :D get very excited by city lights and busy streets and very tall buildings. such a city girl right. even though mount fuji was so preeeetty, but i’m so glad to be in TOKYO BABY! ♥ cant wait for disneyland, sanrio land, shinjuku, harajuku, shibuya and GINZAAA (: swingsssss around. so many kitty things here all super cute and super tempting! feel like buying everything down but of course not, NO MONEY! D:
smu bidding soon! such an annoying reminder that i’ll be returning to smu next semester hahaha i wish i could escape forever! (: cannot believe that i will be graduating in a year’s time. but anyway, now’s not the time to be thinking about these things. (: gonna watch the host and then sleep!

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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One Response to if i could turn back the clock

  1. lame says:

    cherry! i didnt know u still update yr blog haha. so tempted to revive mine now lol. how’s tokyo !!!

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