more travelling :)

updating has become super irregular ever since travelling :/ haha. too busy and too tired every night even though i have so many things to say and now i’m in china. NO FACEBOOK ): so lousy. but actually i’m really okay with it though everyone thinks i will die without facebook. i think life without facebook much simpler and freer right right right.
i think the last time i updated was in tokyo. tokyo was awesome (: loved disneyland! and my fav place was ginza with all the crazy huge buildings and street lights and shopping. f21 there has 7 stories which is insane. i wish singapore had that. finally bought some stuff in japan :D f21 makes everywhere a better place! like at harajuku when i had a headache and i went into f21 and came out half an hour later, my headache was gone miraculously. hehe. sanrioland was cute. had pretty much of a kitty overdose in japan (: but I LIKE!!
kitty makes me happy :) hahaha. got a new kitty soft toy that bahn bought for me at sanrioland yay yay yay. shibuya and harajuku and shinjuku and akihabara etc all v nice! i liked yoyogi park too which is damn happening cos everyone’s just doing their own thing there. and the things they do there really damn strange like practice juggling, playing violin, doing magic tricks and what not. will miss japan and omg the damn awesome to die for ramen (:
in beijing now! (: flight here was not bad. changed my mind about air china haha. went to the olympic village and the birds nest stadium and went swimming at the olympic pool yesterday haha. the whole olympic place is damn huge. then watched acrobats show last night too! damn nice. the acrobats are insane like not human. not only no bones but the stuff they do super dangerous! haha. i likey alot! actually china’s not bad but the people there are still… squat at the train station and spit on the roads and shout around kind. eee. haha dont like. and some lady squat with her legs wide open until underwear showing my gosh.
food here damn nice and super cheap. cakes are like $1+. the kind that would cost $5 in sg. and everything is freakingggg cheap like food in general. bfast is less than $2. and we had one whole beijing duck for dinner yesterday! only $19 for the whole duck (: haha plus we ordered vege and rice and it was only $8.90 per person for some super atas restaurant. we spent over an hour at there and it was by some clarke quay look alike street with a view of the lake! pretty pretty. and today we had xiaolongbao for bfast and dinner was at another restaurant we had 12 xlbs and gong bao ji and vege and rice and per persononly $3.60?! beijing’s totally the place to be for food. hehe :))
and here’s where we went today!
great wall! its damn long and huge. its crazy to think that how many people died building it over 200 years. the kings must have been mad at that time ): haha. we climbed all the way to the top omgosh super tiring pls. anw need to sleep now tomorrow waking up at 4 to see tian an men flag raising :O hahaha. buaii. i love the food here. and hor, china people like to cheat uuuu ): haha i keep getting this feeling at least.

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