stands for eew. and china is so full of them! on the way back from terracotta there were like three or four of them on the bus omg SO SMELLY :( wanted to die. think like they one thousand years never bathe is it? hahaha.
went to see the terracotta warriors today :) omg qin shi huang is crazy why he build sooo many warriors and horses to accompany him to his grave haha. the weather today was so freaking hot. need aircon! weather like this makes me wish that i could chop off all my hair. sometimes only. but then i think about how long it takes for my hair to grow then i dont want to cut already haha. then we went to the city area like shopping centres and had nice western dinner for cheap cheap :) its hard to get cabs here so we took like motorcycle trishaws around.
its quite interesting to travel especially as singaporeans cos like you get lots of people asking you where you’re from :) hehe two people yesterday asked me if i’m from korea! so i still look korean so happy haha. makes me miss korea all the more. really want to go back soon! the feeling will be so different. i can’t believe how much i miss korea all the time its crazy haha :) listening to korean songs or even hearing random koreans on the streets of china just brings me this strange sense of familiarity and warmth. its like a second home :) anywayyy, the point was that everytime they hear we’re from singapore they get so amused that we speak chinese so well. its like the chinese are so surprised that we can speak chinese and the americans are so surprised that we speak english and they ask questions like so where do you learn your chinese? da lu? and for the americans its like so did you learn your english overseas? haha :D very funny hor they think singapore is like what some uneducated backward city in an ulu part of china? and you know what today the trishaw driver himself said that he even thought singapore was some part of china! hehe.
anyway i just realised that we need to fill in some exchange feedback form! :( oh noo. haha.



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