snippets of my china adventures :)

so far! :) few pics a day!
beijing day one
at wang fu jing shopping street :)
outside chanel hehe.
with the mao fan haha.
street food :)
food alley
beijing day two
breakfast! :)
olympic village!
olympic birds nest :)
bei jing huan ying ni! :D haha
olympics swimming pool :)
hou hai! very nice place at night!
our beijing roasted duck dinner :D
beijing day three
at the front of our beijing hotel – N.E hotel :)
before climbing the great wall!
the great wall :D
beijing day four
tian an men!
entrance of forbidden city, pathway to the emperor’s main hall :)
tian an men and forbidden city again :)
summer palace!
beijing day five
waking up at 4am and squeezing with the crowd outside tian an men to catch the flag raising. propaganda maxxxx.
communism 90th anniversary.
heavenly temple :)
my family poster :D
one of the rooms of the awesome hotel china southerns put us up at during the delay.
just for laughs :D
dalian day one
the foggy city!
xing hai guang chang :)
waiting for daisy at the tram station!
steamboat dinner with daisy :)
russian street!
city at night!
dalian day two
some bridge at bin hai lu!
damn foggy weather! and it was cold too :)
cute house :)
eating lamb on a stick. super yummy :) slurps.
with some china mickey haha eew.
lunch at our very nice shanghai restaurant in times square ;)
big esprit :D yay!
the hotel they put us up for the second flight delay :)
seee all the flights cancelled only mine and another one wasn’t :) phewww! thank God!
shanghai day one
nanjing lu :D
haibao hehe
omgosh communist kitty :O
yuyuan! :)
dingcha bubble tea!! :D grass jelly oolong nai cha!
nanjing lu once more :)
the bahn, the bahn and the bund :D
view from the bund!
the old shanghai museum! :)
more stuff from the museum!
city at night!
shanghai day two
bubble tea and xiao long bao for bfast! :D
chilled at haagen dazs. OUR FOOD! ;)
buildings by the huangpu river :)
the river!
xin tian di! :)
crystal jade lunch :)
we have the same photo 3 years ago! :)
and this one too!
haibao once more!
hehe shopping at night :D
shanghai day three
park outside park hotel :)
having carls junior fries which somehow really really reminds me of how we spend our days in singapore :))
chocolate always makes me happy!
just before having the foot massage!
before our movie! wuxiaaaa :)
shanghai day four
such a singapore breakfast! :)
shanghai expo!
train from shanghai to xi’an
our beds :)
on my bed!
playing cards early in the morning! :) hehe
xi’an day one
our hotel cafe’s outside area :)
hotel room downstairs bed hehe
our toilet!
our hotel grounds! :)
outside of the rooms!
outside terracotta :)
terracotta warriors :) qin shi huang is crazy!
more terracotta!
new wallet *)
qin shi huang’s grave and palace place :)
shopping at night!
xi’an day two

xi’an international flower expo mascot :)

with pretty flowers! ^^

by the lake!

some street similar to bangkok’s floating market! i think :)

cute panda! :)

drum tower at night :)

bell tower :)
to be continuedddd!

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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2 Responses to snippets of my china adventures :)

  1. lovelainec says:

    your hotel is so nice !

  2. cheryl says:

    haha the xi’an one is it! :)

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