lap by lap

yichang :)

taking the public bus!

three gorges dam! :)

yiling guang chang!

say hello to xi yang yang, our new favourite china cartoon! :O haha.

my $5+ pedicure :) sooo good! need this more! feet are really dry and black and have a thousand dead skin cells. of course right, four weeks on the go so far. need to pamper my feet when i get back :( maybe will sign up for a pedicure package when i get back! haha :)

my angry birds ring! :D
we’re at guangzhou now! the second day at yichang was nothing much. haha woke up late and missed the hotel bfast haha. went straight to the city to eat lunch yumsss. i realised that fast food here is better (sometimes) than the normal food. they have like meat, soup, vege and rice. so nutritious haha. but quite oily. and then we didn’t know what to do so we walked around for awhile and went over to macs and we ate more! two mcflurrys, one large fries and chicken mcnuggets :) and we played cards for awhile. then decided to go for one hour of ktv followed by another movie! ktv was nice! and super cheap. the mvs were all the real ones at least and sound system good too! movie we watched was unthinkable! omgosh it was so weird watching an american movie that was entirely voiced over in chinese!! and the voice was like those cheena kind. weirdyyy but the show quite nice. abit gross too haha. about torture. mewwww. and then we went over to the airport and had dinner before flying off the guangzhou! shall consider watching transformers here but if its all gonna be voiced over in chinese then maybe not haha.
so funny facebook sent me an email :/ hahaha.
hahahaha.this is hilarious.  means what?
we’re at our second last lap of travelling! which is guangzhou shenzhen and zhuhai! :) after that will be macau hongkong then back to home sweet home! my family wants to go holiday like on the 12th august weekend :) hehe. i told them i wanted penang or bkk but then my mommy says bintan? mm anything! its already 2am and wanna sleep now. so goodnight!

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