lychee party!!

today was by far one of the most interesting and enjoyable days i’ve had so far in china. must say that china’s been quite the adventure so far as well :) its all in the little things we experience and witness everyday, the people’s way of life, the little conversations we have with random people. too many stories to tell i won’t know where to begin.
anyhow, we had good hotel buffet breakfast this morning :) then walked around to find citibank to withdraw more moolah! the financial area is really pretty and there’re many big tall buildings! i like alot. then went to ikea and had awesome lunch there! meatballs and tiramisu, smoked salmon and free flow naicha. plus the ikea here super cheap! meatballs were only $2.80!! ikea reminds me so much of singapore hehe :) then jaya’s cousin came to pick us up and drove us to somewhere off shore of guangzhou which is changzhou! and he brought us to tour some university town which is super cool cos like all the unis are concentrated there and they share facilities and stuff, and all the teachers and students stay there too. and we were told like the reason behind this was partly because of all the protests by the uni students, so the government decided to concentrate the uni students all in one area so it was easier to monitor and control? after that her cousin drove us to some famous huangpu military academy. having the car just makes everything better :) anyway its like everyone who ever graduated from that military school all became famous generals who like made it into the history books kind. and all were involved in the communist socialist thingy and all the revolutions and what nots. super interesting! :)) and bahn says the military school creepily resembles OCS? hehehe. and then her cousin drove the car onto a boat and we sailed across the river with the car. very cute! after that he brought us to the main city shopping area where he let us shop ourselves :) beijing lu. shopping was good :) they had all the damn good quality fakes though i didnt buy! they even had the celine fakes and all yay. but i’m waiting for shenzhen and hk! had sushi for dinner and after that her cousin picked us up again and took us on some river cruise. the sights are so prettyyyy and the wind mega shiok :) plus we had a good hour’s chat over peanuts and tea (omgosh so uncle right) on the boat, and we got so educated by her cousin on china. he just kept telling story after story and it was soo interesting we were glued :)
i have never learnt so much about china’s history in a day before. and i have never felt so enriched and so intrigued by china’s history before. always thought it was boring but today felt different somehow. it’s like after listening, i feel that china is such a deep, complicated and rather interesting country with such a rich and messy history, and such a screwed up system that even up till today, there are so many unimaginable unthinkable things going on in here that we will never know and the world will never know too. and its so hard to understand as well. hmm i feel like china today is just like a modern version of its old system. anyhow, the bottomline is that i’ve never felt so enriched and intellectual before :) hahaha.
anyway on to others, heard that korea’s gonna be hit by some mega typhoon ): hope everyone there i know stays safe and sound! ten more days before hitting home sweet home. i can’t say i’m really sad or happy. i’m kinda excited to see singapore again but don’t want this to end at all!
eating this bag of lychees that jaya’s cousin gave to us! :) damn shiok!!

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