have you been to a circus?

today was quite a good day! :D very happy. but it started off quite grumpily especially when i found out that i lost one white shirt :( some white ruffled spaghetti that i bought in korea for 5 bucks haha. was being a big grump maybe because my thingaling came as well haha. had our usual hotel bfast again before putting the clothes in the wash. i hate doing laundry i think i can’t run a household haha. then we went out for abit to uniqlo and what else, ate frozen yogurt before coming back to take the clothes out of the dryer. by that time it was like 11 plus already so we decided to eat lunch. the noodles omg damn spicy :( had to drink sooo much tea.
after that we went shopping at this place called shang xia jiu lu. shopping there is so awesome :) the layout reminds me so much of a mega bugis but yet its so similar to phuket/vietnam. the stuff they sell is so korea but the price is so china! :D and all the street food there is soo taiwan. such a great combi right. was so happy i bought denim shorts for like $4+ and belt for $1+ and another pair of swishy shorts for $5+ and a yellow top for $5+ :))) ahh see the smile on my face! even had a cup of good bubble tea hehe. wish i had more time to shop in guangzhou but will be in shenzhen and zhuhai and hk sooon! looking forward to more shopping there. haha.
dinner was damn good as well. jaya’s cousin brought us to this restaurant with nice guangdong food which is actually really quite singapore chinese food too :) and he treated us to dinner. everything was super yummy and we were daaamn full. they even gave us like one whole bag of bananas for i dont know what. so cute! i like her uncle alot he’s such a cute cheerful healthy old man. and her cousin’s funny too like keep bullying the father haha.
after dinner was the circus !!!! :)))) super cool please. have never been to a circus and it feels so nice. i’ve always wondered how it feels like to be part of a circus troupe. like maybe an animal trainer or an acrobat or a circus clown or something. like very fun. the circus was mega entertaining and the animals so cute! esp the bears with their stunts. and there were like indian stuntsment too so bollywood haha. all in all very nice :) i love circuses! wish i could go see more. anyway this circus troupe was supposedly very good like better than the las vegas and macau one :) it was some international troupe and anyway all i saw were angmohsss hehe.

this can’t be any more suitable in describing my entire china trip :)

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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