doesn’t matter whether we do or don’t :)

more of yichang
cheap ktv! :)
super yummy and cheap potato snacks :)
hotel room! :) i especially love the lights, so pretty!
looking for citibank! love all the tall buildings around.
just look at his face. feel like pinching it so annoying right >:)
ikea lunch :) photos like this always make me happy!
the military academy where all the famous generals came out from. eh i remember that there were super alot of africans there and this one scary african guy wanted to take photo with me! :/
little kids having training camp. cuteness!
our car took a boat across the river hehe
food and drink in hand, the best combi ever! (y)
beijing lu! :) the place where i found all my cheap buys like the $4 shorts and $1 belt and stuff. but u have to know where to look cos all the shops outside are exp! :D
sushi for dinner :))
river cruise down th zhu jiang he :) the lights and sights were nice! :)
my clan!!! :D
shopping shopping shopping at shang xia jiu lu! :)

the super awesome yummy yummy yummy dinner that jaya’s uncle treated us to! especially love the pork and tofu one! :)
horses at the circus :)
cute grizzly bears!! squeezes
motorcyclists in the ball! :O six of them altogether!
giraffes, zebras more animals! wheee
mr elephant and all the flamingoes!
me ghostly hair :( haha.
on the way to our hotel in shenzhen :) after this no more photos of the places cos we were so stupidly scared that we’d get pickpocketed so we left the cam in the hotel room :(
surprisingly nice dinner – hotel room service :D
my one and only buy from shenzhen :) little miss panda!
in zhuhai now!! sun so hot D: but zhuhai’s not bad so far. so amusing we found out that tomorrow we can just walk across the border to macau. 10 minutes only yay! no need bus or boat or train. and one more good thing, there’s gongcha here. i drank earl grey milk tea with aiyu jelly WAH SO NICE HEHE. happy! and managed to shop abit too. bought so many undies and bras for damn cheap :D and a top too. ajisen ramen for dinner was only 6 bucks. and then after dinner we went to walk along the river and could see the night view of macau as well! :)
more updates later cos going out again now!
happy 30th today! :)))


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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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