thazzzz me. totally omg. had to do this for my environmental science class. and its unfair because travel is so much !!! (:
sitting in cb class now. as ta. haha what am i supposed to do here :O into the second week of school now. how time flies. really wished i was back in korea right NAO enjoying life zzz. been doing alot of meet ups since coming back. feels good to eat awesome awesome local food and see old friends again :D
did a short family trip to batam the weekend before school. quite fun and i managed to do alot of water sports, eat seafood and massage (: heavenly. now, life has gone back to mundane boring ol things. managed to find tuition! at waterloo st. very good right i think cos right next to school. and its just nice after my class! (: been working at tangs for the past two weeks as well selling candy wrapper bags. last week this week! :D so happy that i’ve been earning back some moolah since coming home. and saving money too! *pats my own head* i think im a good girl. i didnt buy anything except my black hws and one bb cover. much better than last time cos i would have confirm bought so much more hehe. like wallet and what nots. i think i can resist shopping so much better now since i have stepped into f21 three times already and nothing has really interested me :D *beams*
been acting like a tourist the past few weeks too. just went to the flyer last night w my family cos my daddy had some vouchers. and before that brought the two korean girls around to mbs, geylang (beef horfun!!), orchard, spore river etc. plus the sentosa boardwalk dinner with meanie ((: romantic times @ the wine company hahaha. and not forgetting ndp that passed like two weeks ago :) makes me feel so proud of my country (y)
battery is gonna die now :( booo. and i am assistant stage manager for raw ?! i wanna dance ): haha.

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cheryl tan (: 12 06 1989
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