i think it’s rather fun to travel around china and when you tell people that you’re from singapore they like to make connections with our forefathers and ask which part of china we came from. and i always say fujian! just because my daddy’s hokkien. hahaha but actually i dont really know.
okay, that was random fact of the day. i just thought it was rather funny cos it seems like in the big picture of things, we’re just all part of china. BUT NO. I REFUSE :)
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have you been to a circus?

today was quite a good day! :D very happy. but it started off quite grumpily especially when i found out that i lost one white shirt :( some white ruffled spaghetti that i bought in korea for 5 bucks haha. was being a big grump maybe because my thingaling came as well haha. had our usual hotel bfast again before putting the clothes in the wash. i hate doing laundry i think i can’t run a household haha. then we went out for abit to uniqlo and what else, ate frozen yogurt before coming back to take the clothes out of the dryer. by that time it was like 11 plus already so we decided to eat lunch. the noodles omg damn spicy :( had to drink sooo much tea.
after that we went shopping at this place called shang xia jiu lu. shopping there is so awesome :) the layout reminds me so much of a mega bugis but yet its so similar to phuket/vietnam. the stuff they sell is so korea but the price is so china! :D and all the street food there is soo taiwan. such a great combi right. was so happy i bought denim shorts for like $4+ and belt for $1+ and another pair of swishy shorts for $5+ and a yellow top for $5+ :))) ahh see the smile on my face! even had a cup of good bubble tea hehe. wish i had more time to shop in guangzhou but will be in shenzhen and zhuhai and hk sooon! looking forward to more shopping there. haha.
dinner was damn good as well. jaya’s cousin brought us to this restaurant with nice guangdong food which is actually really quite singapore chinese food too :) and he treated us to dinner. everything was super yummy and we were daaamn full. they even gave us like one whole bag of bananas for i dont know what. so cute! i like her uncle alot he’s such a cute cheerful healthy old man. and her cousin’s funny too like keep bullying the father haha.
after dinner was the circus !!!! :)))) super cool please. have never been to a circus and it feels so nice. i’ve always wondered how it feels like to be part of a circus troupe. like maybe an animal trainer or an acrobat or a circus clown or something. like very fun. the circus was mega entertaining and the animals so cute! esp the bears with their stunts. and there were like indian stuntsment too so bollywood haha. all in all very nice :) i love circuses! wish i could go see more. anyway this circus troupe was supposedly very good like better than the las vegas and macau one :) it was some international troupe and anyway all i saw were angmohsss hehe.

this can’t be any more suitable in describing my entire china trip :)
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lychee party!!

today was by far one of the most interesting and enjoyable days i’ve had so far in china. must say that china’s been quite the adventure so far as well :) its all in the little things we experience and witness everyday, the people’s way of life, the little conversations we have with random people. too many stories to tell i won’t know where to begin.
anyhow, we had good hotel buffet breakfast this morning :) then walked around to find citibank to withdraw more moolah! the financial area is really pretty and there’re many big tall buildings! i like alot. then went to ikea and had awesome lunch there! meatballs and tiramisu, smoked salmon and free flow naicha. plus the ikea here super cheap! meatballs were only $2.80!! ikea reminds me so much of singapore hehe :) then jaya’s cousin came to pick us up and drove us to somewhere off shore of guangzhou which is changzhou! and he brought us to tour some university town which is super cool cos like all the unis are concentrated there and they share facilities and stuff, and all the teachers and students stay there too. and we were told like the reason behind this was partly because of all the protests by the uni students, so the government decided to concentrate the uni students all in one area so it was easier to monitor and control? after that her cousin drove us to some famous huangpu military academy. having the car just makes everything better :) anyway its like everyone who ever graduated from that military school all became famous generals who like made it into the history books kind. and all were involved in the communist socialist thingy and all the revolutions and what nots. super interesting! :)) and bahn says the military school creepily resembles OCS? hehehe. and then her cousin drove the car onto a boat and we sailed across the river with the car. very cute! after that he brought us to the main city shopping area where he let us shop ourselves :) beijing lu. shopping was good :) they had all the damn good quality fakes though i didnt buy! they even had the celine fakes and all yay. but i’m waiting for shenzhen and hk! had sushi for dinner and after that her cousin picked us up again and took us on some river cruise. the sights are so prettyyyy and the wind mega shiok :) plus we had a good hour’s chat over peanuts and tea (omgosh so uncle right) on the boat, and we got so educated by her cousin on china. he just kept telling story after story and it was soo interesting we were glued :)
i have never learnt so much about china’s history in a day before. and i have never felt so enriched and so intrigued by china’s history before. always thought it was boring but today felt different somehow. it’s like after listening, i feel that china is such a deep, complicated and rather interesting country with such a rich and messy history, and such a screwed up system that even up till today, there are so many unimaginable unthinkable things going on in here that we will never know and the world will never know too. and its so hard to understand as well. hmm i feel like china today is just like a modern version of its old system. anyhow, the bottomline is that i’ve never felt so enriched and intellectual before :) hahaha.
anyway on to others, heard that korea’s gonna be hit by some mega typhoon ): hope everyone there i know stays safe and sound! ten more days before hitting home sweet home. i can’t say i’m really sad or happy. i’m kinda excited to see singapore again but don’t want this to end at all!
eating this bag of lychees that jaya’s cousin gave to us! :) damn shiok!!
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lap by lap

yichang :)

taking the public bus!

three gorges dam! :)

yiling guang chang!

say hello to xi yang yang, our new favourite china cartoon! :O haha.

my $5+ pedicure :) sooo good! need this more! feet are really dry and black and have a thousand dead skin cells. of course right, four weeks on the go so far. need to pamper my feet when i get back :( maybe will sign up for a pedicure package when i get back! haha :)

my angry birds ring! :D
we’re at guangzhou now! the second day at yichang was nothing much. haha woke up late and missed the hotel bfast haha. went straight to the city to eat lunch yumsss. i realised that fast food here is better (sometimes) than the normal food. they have like meat, soup, vege and rice. so nutritious haha. but quite oily. and then we didn’t know what to do so we walked around for awhile and went over to macs and we ate more! two mcflurrys, one large fries and chicken mcnuggets :) and we played cards for awhile. then decided to go for one hour of ktv followed by another movie! ktv was nice! and super cheap. the mvs were all the real ones at least and sound system good too! movie we watched was unthinkable! omgosh it was so weird watching an american movie that was entirely voiced over in chinese!! and the voice was like those cheena kind. weirdyyy but the show quite nice. abit gross too haha. about torture. mewwww. and then we went over to the airport and had dinner before flying off the guangzhou! shall consider watching transformers here but if its all gonna be voiced over in chinese then maybe not haha.
so funny facebook sent me an email :/ hahaha.
hahahaha.this is hilarious.  means what?
we’re at our second last lap of travelling! which is guangzhou shenzhen and zhuhai! :) after that will be macau hongkong then back to home sweet home! my family wants to go holiday like on the 12th august weekend :) hehe. i told them i wanted penang or bkk but then my mommy says bintan? mm anything! its already 2am and wanna sleep now. so goodnight!
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snippets of my china adventures :)

so far! :) few pics a day!
beijing day one
at wang fu jing shopping street :)
outside chanel hehe.
with the mao fan haha.
street food :)
food alley
beijing day two
breakfast! :)
olympic village!
olympic birds nest :)
bei jing huan ying ni! :D haha
olympics swimming pool :)
hou hai! very nice place at night!
our beijing roasted duck dinner :D
beijing day three
at the front of our beijing hotel – N.E hotel :)
before climbing the great wall!
the great wall :D
beijing day four
tian an men!
entrance of forbidden city, pathway to the emperor’s main hall :)
tian an men and forbidden city again :)
summer palace!
beijing day five
waking up at 4am and squeezing with the crowd outside tian an men to catch the flag raising. propaganda maxxxx.
communism 90th anniversary.
heavenly temple :)
my family poster :D
one of the rooms of the awesome hotel china southerns put us up at during the delay.
just for laughs :D
dalian day one
the foggy city!
xing hai guang chang :)
waiting for daisy at the tram station!
steamboat dinner with daisy :)
russian street!
city at night!
dalian day two
some bridge at bin hai lu!
damn foggy weather! and it was cold too :)
cute house :)
eating lamb on a stick. super yummy :) slurps.
with some china mickey haha eew.
lunch at our very nice shanghai restaurant in times square ;)
big esprit :D yay!
the hotel they put us up for the second flight delay :)
seee all the flights cancelled only mine and another one wasn’t :) phewww! thank God!
shanghai day one
nanjing lu :D
haibao hehe
omgosh communist kitty :O
yuyuan! :)
dingcha bubble tea!! :D grass jelly oolong nai cha!
nanjing lu once more :)
the bahn, the bahn and the bund :D
view from the bund!
the old shanghai museum! :)
more stuff from the museum!
city at night!
shanghai day two
bubble tea and xiao long bao for bfast! :D
chilled at haagen dazs. OUR FOOD! ;)
buildings by the huangpu river :)
the river!
xin tian di! :)
crystal jade lunch :)
we have the same photo 3 years ago! :)
and this one too!
haibao once more!
hehe shopping at night :D
shanghai day three
park outside park hotel :)
having carls junior fries which somehow really really reminds me of how we spend our days in singapore :))
chocolate always makes me happy!
just before having the foot massage!
before our movie! wuxiaaaa :)
shanghai day four
such a singapore breakfast! :)
shanghai expo!
train from shanghai to xi’an
our beds :)
on my bed!
playing cards early in the morning! :) hehe
xi’an day one
our hotel cafe’s outside area :)
hotel room downstairs bed hehe
our toilet!
our hotel grounds! :)
outside of the rooms!
outside terracotta :)
terracotta warriors :) qin shi huang is crazy!
more terracotta!
new wallet *)
qin shi huang’s grave and palace place :)
shopping at night!
xi’an day two

xi’an international flower expo mascot :)

with pretty flowers! ^^

by the lake!

some street similar to bangkok’s floating market! i think :)

cute panda! :)

drum tower at night :)

bell tower :)
to be continuedddd!
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stands for smellyahtiongs.cn eew. and china is so full of them! on the way back from terracotta there were like three or four of them on the bus omg SO SMELLY :( wanted to die. think like they one thousand years never bathe is it? hahaha.
went to see the terracotta warriors today :) omg qin shi huang is crazy why he build sooo many warriors and horses to accompany him to his grave haha. the weather today was so freaking hot. need aircon! weather like this makes me wish that i could chop off all my hair. sometimes only. but then i think about how long it takes for my hair to grow then i dont want to cut already haha. then we went to the city area like shopping centres and had nice western dinner for cheap cheap :) its hard to get cabs here so we took like motorcycle trishaws around.
its quite interesting to travel especially as singaporeans cos like you get lots of people asking you where you’re from :) hehe two people yesterday asked me if i’m from korea! so i still look korean so happy haha. makes me miss korea all the more. really want to go back soon! the feeling will be so different. i can’t believe how much i miss korea all the time its crazy haha :) listening to korean songs or even hearing random koreans on the streets of china just brings me this strange sense of familiarity and warmth. its like a second home :) anywayyy, the point was that everytime they hear we’re from singapore they get so amused that we speak chinese so well. its like the chinese are so surprised that we can speak chinese and the americans are so surprised that we speak english and they ask questions like so where do you learn your chinese? da lu? and for the americans its like so did you learn your english overseas? haha :D very funny hor they think singapore is like what some uneducated backward city in an ulu part of china? and you know what today the trishaw driver himself said that he even thought singapore was some part of china! hehe.
anyway i just realised that we need to fill in some exchange feedback form! :( oh noo. haha.


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happiness :)

in xi an now :) train ride here was quite good the beds and bunks were soo cute! managed to sleep a little. we’re gonna go out soon!
so happy that i made quite a sum from the insurance. they emailed to say they were gonna reimburse me $521.24 for the stolen wallet that time which is like so much more than i lost. and i still can claim $300 for all the flight delays that happened at china :) swings around. so delighted now i can either use that money to shop in hongkong and shenzhen (should have bought my coach from shanghai right :() or save up for another year end trippy or just save up even more for my grad trip! :) determined to save money though so dont think i’ll be buying coach? or whatever. unless hongkong like very cheap which i heard it is hehe.
going to see the terracotta warriors soon! actually i’m a little bit sick. have sore throat and the cough and tummy was painful two days ago. but it’s okay. am happy now. our hotel’s so cutely designed and special. really traditional yet pretty inside. like one of those olden china palaces.


which is why i always say HIYOOO! :)
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