high high in the sky


it’s so interesting to have found out twice today that the world is so small. and it makes me so happy :D i suddenly miss AYP.
climbed the gwanak mountain today. arduous and painful and tiring but the view was worth it. ate cup noodles and played cards up at the peak! and then found a short cut down! rewarded ourselves with a whole long of xiaolongbaos at myeongdong followed by shopping! etude house nail polish & mask spree, new sexycookie pretty underwear & a new mustard bag! ♥ it to the max!

my rainbow nail polish! :D

my mustard bag. LOVE IT! i am into mustard coloured things too now ^^
and i think i have finally been converted into a kpop fan too! :D hahah. akaraka over the weekend has made me into one.

she came to akaraka! so pretty and her legs sooo long!

she is sooo cute! and her voice is damn good :)

akaraka on friday was awesome! :) the atmosphere was damn high throughout and the performances were nice! wish we had something like that at SMU. haha really gonna miss that ALOT when i leave ):
so many things i’ll miss when we leave. can’t believe that exchange is half over already. i’ve one month left here! AHHH :'( i will miss all the many make up stores! tony moly, natures republic, etude house, face shop, innisfree, skinfood, missha, holika holika! so spoilt for choice. and i will miss art box! cheap stuff! and korean songs. and GMARKET :'( DON’T WANNA LEAVEEEEE.
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do you believe

in fairytales?
girls all around the world are actually the same inside. while some just lead more dramatic movie-plot-worthy lives than others, we all just really want the same things, face the same problems, share the same insecurities and all hope for the same fairytale ending.
i don’t know if i believe in fairytale endings (i suppose i do) but i know for sure that fairytales will never have bad endings.

i think it’s the most universal concept in the world; falling in love. :) hehe.


sooo pretty (: i would so love to be here. i need to see a good sunset in a field of pretty flowers.

true true, how very true.

yes totally. and this time, i need another miracle again. a big one. and i trust in God (:
i have zero won in my phone now that totally sucks. i dont know if i can top it up tomorrow cos i have been waiting for four days already but the guy keeps saying come back another day. visa visa visa 어떻게? :( SIGH. one more reason to h8 中国. growls.
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good fun with friends.

:) yes right. need to learn how to slow down my pace of life.
crunch crunch.
was yesterday! :) with ice skating in the morning and baseball batting and ceramic cup painting in the afternoon. and the night ended off with a greeeat catch up session with lynette & yins. ♥ missing the old times in cambodia (:
very soon we’re gonna be booking our holiday tickets for after exchange travelling! can’t wait :D
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제주 :)

the perfect holiday ♥

lazy to upload anymore photos :) hehe. in short, jeju was FUN FUN FUN & more than perfect. an absolutely perfect holiday getaway :) and one of the most memorable and successful trips! and thank God we managed to get our car which helped so much in getting everywhere & made the whole trip so much more fun! hehe.
Day 1: 1. Glass Castle ♥ (Super pretty) 2. O’Sulloc Tea Museum 3. World Automobile Museum 4. Teddy Bear Museum (Goong!) 5. Lunch 6. Horse riding ♥ 7. Argo UTV ♥ (Damn fun!) 8. Manjanggul lava tube/cave 9. Cheonjiyeon waterfalls

Day 2: 1. Sunrise peak ♥ 2. Seokjikopji coast 3. All-in house 4. Gimnyeong beach 5. Maze park 6. Mini mini land ♥ 7. Lunch 8. Love land (World sex museum) ♥ 9. Mysterious road 10. Dinosaur theme park 11. Jeongbang waterfalls 12. Oedolgae

Day 3: 1. Hyeobjae beach 2. Hallim park ♥ 3. Chocolate land 4. Lunch 5. Jeju folk village 6. Trick art museum ♥ 7. Sangumguri crater 8. 5.16 Road Forest Tunnel 9. Sashimi dinner 10. Our own jeju orange party & free chicken!

Day 4: Airport & back to Seoul :D

anyway the election fever in singapore is over! :) heard so much about it and its so mahfan that now i have to register for something cos i didnt vote and if i dont next time i’ll be banned from voting. ANNOYING zzz. but i’ll do it. i support PAP :) hahaha. lame.
went to the full house house on sunday cos we were near the airport. that place is damn inaccessible! but we found it on some very far off peaceful and quiet island. hew hew. the place is sucha weird sight because its all dried up oceans, padi fields, rural-ish with hardly anyone, any car or any thing but then there are these huge pretty pension houses. what a mismatched sight. but very pretty. and it was so quiet and peaceful, and only one bus servicing the whole island and what, 10 toilets on the entire island? haha. when we kept quiet, we could literally hear like, leaves falling or something. anyhow, the house was nice! hehe. and we hitched a ride for the first time too! :) fun fun. and after that we went back to seoul and then church followed by dinner with joyce. insadong looks different this time round. we ate at some quite ex restaurant and then walked around. i bought a super cute bumble bee ring! and then we had desserts and a cute little cafe. slurp.
tomorrow’s a public holiday! i’m itching to do something fun ): i think i can’t get enough of this. i feel like i need to travel more. this is insane i know. but i haven’t been to so many places yet! haha. and i wanna go jet boating/skiing too. SIGH. i wanna go to the philippines and indonesia and many many places! can’t wait for school to end and now we have to start booking our tickets! :) and applying visa. troublesome much. h8 school (as usual) even if it’s not SMU haha. why my midterm grades not out yet?
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got cravings for sashimi! :) om nom nom.
paradise :)
saw this on meanie’s tumblr and thought, thank God i’m not having this for dinner. boyfriends who can cook FTW!
can never get tired of pretty pretty nails.
this is soooo me. but recently, i’ve been listening to all korean songs; if only i understood the lyrics :/

i don’t know why i’m into turquoise these days :D
off to jeju tomorrow! omg i hope we really get to rent our car :) may there be good weather, lots of sunshine & a cute little car for the both of us ♥
it’s gonna be dinner time soon! so lazy to pack for jeju tomorrow :/ baaa. hate packing. esp now i have to put in all my make up and remover and what nots. troublesome. sunday’s dongdaemun shopping was not too bad. bought my floral shorts which i love love love so much! haha pretty pretty :) wanted to buy this bright turquoise shirt that was 30 bucks but too expensive boohoohoo. the baseball game after was freaking long. five and a half hours. i took like nearly one and a half hours to understand the game, after which things were pretty exciting. the game ended with a ridiculous score of 10:9 (when usually games end with like 3:1, 2:0 and stuff like that). and yayyy the team we were sort of supporting won! meaning the underdogs. haha.
had another shopping spree day after school with bahn at ewha and myeong dong. bought shoes and a top from F21. i was already trying to have self control :P hahaha. bahn bought shoes and a nice adidas cappie. which i like to steal :)
today was another weird random day. went to school and the BN prof said: i trust you all have submitted your case write ups. and i just gave that blank look that said what case write up? hahaha. it was some damn long case but then i cleverly decided to just read my friend’s answers and crap out my own. YAYYY. rushed out the case write up in one hour without even reading the case. HAHA I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF :) and then IBE class was just a joke. only like 10 people went to class today. and ooh i got back my mid term results. haha more than 90% of the class got more than 90/100. the last time i got more than 90/100 was like, in primary or secondary school. hahaha. joke. and then shopping at ewha with the bahn this time to buy another pair of shoes for my brother. so greedy leh he. ate fries and the nice $1 banana milk shake for lunch. :) oh oh forgot to say i found nice milk tea in my school YAYYY!! wont be missing bubble tea anymore!
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safe in a thunderstorm

thumbs up to last minute spontaneity (y)

i like the one in the middle :)
i have decided to see if it’s possible to lose 1kg in one week, just by going off snacks. you think so? haha. but i shall still try.
week after busan was like, a two day school week. highlights were meeting up with lixin & her friend rachel for dinner on thursday at myeongdong and ewha. and the unexpected turn of events on friday. followed the free smu bsm bus for nice bbq-ed duck lunch and to the DMZ unification tunnel and then to the airport to pick pit’s parents up. the bsm people seriously having too much fun in korea. what everland, baseball match, busan and staying in good hotels. haha. yesterday was a random weird day. went to asan on a horribly long train ride. but it turned out pretty cheap. and then had an awesome oxtail stew lunch which i’m still craving now!! and to the onyang folk museum then onyang hot spring ;) was pretty rainy yesterday and i heard it rained heavily in seoul ytd but where we were was just cloudy all the way until we went into the hot spring. so thank God. hot spring was nice. the water was of course, hot. HAHA. tried all the pools and there was outdoor one too :) liked the tub with the greeny water and the sauna!! haha. and the icy cold water tub. OMG challenge of a lifetime to just enter the tub. and then back to seoul for sol-ryong tang dinner and we saw kim yunna figure skating on tv :D hehe. and then to iceberry for bingsu and we gave lois her bday present.
off to dongdaemun now and hopefully i can buy cheap flower and polka dot shorts ;D and then baseball match tonight! go LG twins vs i dont know who! i dont care i hope its fun :)
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(just for myself) ♥

free bus ride. awesome big & cheap hotel. sol-ryong tang lunch. nampo-dong. busan tower. world music museum. making crazy music. krispy kremes glazed donut. bean pole :) chagalchi raw fish market. awesome sashimi dinner! seomyeon. angel in us coffee with weekhiang & gang. taejeondae. pebble beach. sinseondae suicide like cliff. watch tower. ramen lunch by the mountains. cable car. dont remember what name fortress. busan national uni shopping. nice dinner. dress. haeundae beach. narimaru island. APEC house. centum city. BEXCO. gwangalli beach festival. sashimi making competition. eating fried fish with magkoli! drawing in of the net. tug of war. people running to the beach to pick up fish. fireworks! dinner with eleanor and other smu people. geoje-do. mundong waterfalls. cute baby. made a new korean friend who helped us with the route and ticketing and treated us to coffee (: oedo botania island. pretty flowers. haeguemgang rocks (national scenic site #2). kfc dinner. seomyeon shopping. more seomyeon shopping. polka dotted shirt. free bus back!

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